Probate Loan Client Interview: Probate Loans for Heirs who need Inheritance Advance Funds Fast – Jean and Gerry Little, UT – $50,000 Probate Loan

Secure Inheritance Advance for Heirs: Inheritance Cash Advance on a $3.2 Million Dollar Trust
June 17, 2017

Probate Loans Client – Jean: If we didn’t figure out how to get a Probate Loan of some kind we were going to lose our … 5 bedrooms, we have 3 kids and a sick mother in law living with us.  Inheritance loans looked like our last chance to save our home…

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans:  Foreclosure you mean?

Probate Loans Client – Jean: Yes. Inheritance loans meant nothing to our bank.  They had no interest in it.  We had to get a probate cash advance somehow, within 45 days… The bank was going to foreclose on us within 45 days I kid you not… My mother in law is living with us because my husband’s dad died and that was the inheritance we were waiting for – $225,000 in mutual funds and cash.   Their home was sold.  It seemed our last option was getting approved for an inheritance cash advance of some kind….  One of your inheritance loans just had to work out for us… It was like our last chance.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans:  So how much of a Probate Cash Advance did you apply for, Jean?

Probate Loans Client – Jean: $50,000.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: And how much was approved, for your Probate Loan?

Probate Loans Client – Jean: $50,000.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Great!

Probate Loans Client – Jean: Yep…the probate advance was a life saver. Don’t know what we would have done otherwise, I really don’t.  There was no one else to borrow from…  friends or relatives.  Both our banks had no interest in inheritance loans.  My husband’s Credit Union didn’t even know what Inheritance Loans or Probate Cash Advances were for Goodness sake.  We thought, what is wrong with these people?  Inheritance loans are real money – it’s just a bit off in the future, is all… so why not honor it?

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Well, Heir Advance Co. honored your Inheritance with an Inheritance Cash Advance…

Probate Loans Client – Jean: You bet they did.  Not only that but our inheritance cash came in really quick, after our paperwork was received your guys took no more than 3 days to get our Inheritance Cash Advance settled and finalized.  I was very happy with everything.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Well, that’s great Jean.

Probate Loans Client – Jean: I guess the speed for getting the Probate Advance to me was the main thing… and I suppose the efficiency of the Inheritance Cash Advance office and of the probate cash advance rep… Very professional… very no-nonsense.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: OK, well good.  Glad to hear it Jean, and we’re glad you and Gerry were so satisfied with your Probate Cash Advance service; and with the general demeanor of the company as a whole. And we’re very glad your Probate Loan was as useful to you as it obviously has been!