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When Banks Say "NO" Heir Advance Says "YES!" Get an Inheritance Cash Advance; an Inheritance Loan, a Trust Fund Loan or a Probate Advance from Heir Advance -- $5,000 to $1 Million+ usually in 72 hrs.Heir Advance Co. has funded thousands of Probate Loan and Trust Fund Cash Advance transactions over the years, and has advanced millions of dollars to Heirs of Probates and Trust Beneficiaries.

Headquartered in Southern California since 1993, Heir Advance Co. is the premier financial service firm in the United States advancing money to Heirs and Beneficiaries of an Inheritance, prior to the close of a Probate and or distribution of a Trust. Heir Advance pioneered the concept and financial methodology to provide Heirs and Beneficiaries cash in advance of the closing of a Probate or Trust distribution.

*Customer service and professionalism are the cornerstones of our success
*Our Inheritance funding officers are fast, reliable and courteous
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An Inheritance Loan client explains why so many Heirs Get their Inheritance Cash Advance, Inheritance Loan, Trust or Probate Advance -- from Heir Advance.

Q: What made you decide to get a probate cash advance in the first place?
A: Well... we were having a lot of troubles with the estate, after my dad passed away. There were multiple delays in the handling of the estate. We saw it was going to take a long time until we got the estate out of probate, and could get my share of the inheritance. We have a son in college... we were in the act of buying a large, new house - so there were a lot of expenses we had to meet, plus a ton of medical bills and credit card debts... and they were all closing in on us - fast! So we went online and looked up "loans" on the Web... and cam across Heir Advance listed under "probate" or "probate cash", something like that.

Q: How did the experience go with Heir Advance Company?
A: Well, Heir Advance called my probate attorney, and within a week, even less, I had $20,000 in my hand! This company was unbelievably accommodating... very efficient. Super fast. Speed was crucial at that point. My check was overnighted to me in the nick of time to pay off a pile of bills and credit card debt that couldn't be delayed one minute longer. You know how they are these days!

Q: What else did you use the money for?
A: Tell you the truth... on top of it all, my car died! So we went back to Heir Advance and took out another $25,000. Why not? That's when we needed the cash - not a year and a half later when it was too late! We also desperately needed some good faith money to make a "good faith" offer on that beautiful new house we wanted.Altogether, Heir Advance provided us with $45,000. So we got rid of all our credit card debt, medical bills from when my dad had been ill... plus car repairs! And that helped us get a better rate on our new mortgage. You see? It's all timing. Everything had to be resolved all around the same time.

Q: And now?
A: Now? We're able to sleep better at night. We feel ...debt free. It's a liberating feeling. Believe me!

Phil, Baltimore, MD