Largest Probate Loan Ever – Inheritance Advance Broker Interview

Secure Inheritance Advance for Heirs: Inheritance Cash Advance on a $3.2 Million Dollar Trust
June 17, 2017

A Probate Loan broker called us recently with a new Inheritance Cash Advance client.  We are publishing the interview because the transaction reflects the largest Probate Loan this Inheritance  Advance Broker has brought to Heir Advance Company.  The interview with the Inheritance  Advance broker was conducted by a senior Inheritance Advance and Probate Loan specialist:

Broker – Probate Loans: Hello!  Danielle Gomez here, from G&G Cash Flow.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans:  Hi Danielle. How are you?

Broker – Probate Loans: Well… I have a new client… a cousin as a matter of fact.  My cousin called me last night as he knows I service heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Loans… Inheritance Advances, Probate Loans, and Trust Fund Loans…  I let him know you guys do it all!  When it comes to Inheritance Loans — there’s no where else to go but Heir Advance!

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Thanks Danielle. We appreciate hearing that.

Broker – Probate Loans: Well anyway — my cousin was very close to a man in Los Angeles… he was like a son to this guy.  The old man didn’t really like his own sons.  Real spoiled and didn’t appreciate him.  Whereas my cousin Norm did appreciate him.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: I understand.

Broker – Probate Loans: Anyway!  So this lovely older man left Norm a $2 million dollar  inheritance.  75% of the entire estate.  Huge surprise.  Can you imagine!  But it looks like a 2 year wait says the Probate Attorney.   So we have to investigate your inheritance loans to help Norm get cash now.  Can we cash him out for the entire amount?  The entire $2 Million?

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Sorry Danielle.  Can’t  provide the entire inheritance as an Inheritance Cash Advance… in other words,   if you assume his entire  inheritance is $2 million — we have to take into consideration tax implications, creditors,  administration fees, etc. – plus what other expenses there may be – his Probate Cash Advance will most likely be 50% or possibly 60% of his share of the estate,  of his entire inheritance…  Standard policy for inheritance loans.  Is there also a Trust involved?

Broker – Probate Loans: There is a trust.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Well that makes it more complex, as you know Danielle — we’ll have to make sure we can do an advance on this Trust Fund – some trusts are not assignable. We have to make sure we can do an Inheritance Loan based on the Trust’s assets.

Broker – Probate Loans: I forgot about that!

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: A Trust Fund Loan is based on different factors than probate inheritance loans are.  A Probate Cash Advance is a different animal.  Actually,  Probate Inheritance Loans are often simpler than Trust Fund Loans.

Broker – Probate Loans: Well at any rate — once you guys do your magic with Norm’s Probate Cash Advance — he’ll be thrilled!  He won’t care that it isn’t the entire inheritance.  Getting a partial Probate Cash Advance, or partial Inheritance Loan, whether it’s a small Inheritance Loan or a multi million dollar huge Inheritance Loan — it’s all just “found money”… if you see what I mean!  He didn’t have to work for it!

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: You bet.

Broker – Probate Loans: Yep – you’ll do my Inheritance Loan when my mom leaves me her one million dollar insurance policy! I’m the only heir.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: We’ll  give you a $500,000 Inheritance Loan… and you will be set until you collect the rest a year later after Probate closes.

Broker – Probate Loans: Sure why not.  Anyway — so we’ll do Norm’s Probate Cash Advance now… and mine in about 60 years.    Norm will be so happy when he gets that Inheritance Loan check from Inheritance Now.  Or the Inheritance Loan wire, whichever one he wants!  I told him a Probate Cash Advance is the only way to go.  A Probate Advance is the trick here, with Probate not closing for two years or maybe more!

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Yes. It is bound to drag on and on.  You didn’t believe that in the beginning – on our first Inheritance Loan deal together, remember?

Broker – Probate Loans: Of course.  A $20,000 Probate Advance and I thought it was the biggest deal I had ever seen!

 HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: It was the biggest Probate Advance deal you had ever seen.  It was your first Probate Cash Advance client!

Broker – Probate Loans: That’s right.  But this Inheritance Loan for Norm has got to be the largest Inheritance Advance yet.

HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: It’s big.  No doubt about it.  OK — so call tomorrow and we’ll get the Inheritance Cash Advance paperwork  started…OK?

Broker – Probate Loans: You got it…

And that was Broker Danielle’s largest Probate Loan client– Norm.   At any rate, Norm decided he would only need $200,000 — and would wait for the rest of his Inheritance to arrive after Probate closed and the estate was finally distributed. He invested his Probate Loan wisely, and tripled his inheritance money .  As a wise man once said — some guys have all the luck!