Inheritance Cash Advance Solution

Is the Heir Advance Inheritance Loan Solution right for you?

If you're an Heir with an Inheritance in Probate or Trust
in the USA or Canada, It is!

If you need a fast, secure Inheritance Cash Advance Solution Heir Advance is the right choice!

For Heirs of a Probate who need advance cash on their Inheritance now, rather than waiting for the Estate in Probate to close, Heir Advance Company offers you an immediate Probate Loan, or Inheritance cash advance solution.For Beneficiaries of a Trust or Trust Fund Inheritance, Heir Advance provides an express route towards gaining access to part of your share of the Trust - as long as the Trust does not contain a "Spendthrift Provision" or "Spendthrift Clause."


Heir Advance Company purchases a portion of your Inheritance in Probate or a Trust fund for cash. You receive that portion of your Inheritance, in the form of an Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance. It's that simple. It's no longer necessary to wait for Probate, or your Trust Fund, to distribute your Inheritance funds, which generally takes nine to fifteen months; and in many cases a lot longer.

It is often possible to receive your Inheritance Cash Advance a few days after your application has been received by our office. In fact, most Inheritance Cash Advances are received by Heirs or Beneficiaries within 2 to 3 days after the Probate court or Trust paperwork has been received by our office. Paperwork may be submitted either by you, the Heir, or by the Probate attorney handling the Probate process for your Estate.

Processing your Probate advance has no effect on the Probate court process or Probate timeline at all. Once you have received your Inheritance cash advance from us, your estate will progress through Probate and conclude normally. The only difference is that you won't have had to wait all those months, even years, for the Estate in Probate to distribute.


As an heir of a Probate or Beneficiary of a Trust, you probably know that it often takes years until final close of a Probate or distribution of a Trust - years spent waiting for an Inheritance you most likely expected to fairly soon. Probate of an Estate often lingers on well past the point that your executor or Probate attorney believes it will.

For some Heirs and Beneficiaries, waiting for final close of Probate or distribution of a Trust to get their Inheritance is acceptable. For others, it is imperative to access a portion of their Inheritance right away to pay off urgent debts, a late mortgage or car payment, or medical bills - to name just a few reasons why, since 1993, thousands of Heirs and Beneficiaries have chosen Heir Advance Company's Probate Loan or Trust Fund Cash Advance solution, as opposed to waiting months or even years for final distribution of a Trust or close of Probate to get their Inheritance.

You are also probably well aware that mainstream loan or credit line sources, such as banks or credit unions, will not use an Inheritance, either in Probate or Trust, as collateral, regardless of the size of the Estate or the amount of your particular Inheritance.

Heir Advance Co. makes it easy for heirs and beneficiaries. There are no up-front fees and no hidden charges prior to receiving a portion of your Inheritance, such as hidden Probate or Trust advance transaction and/or paperwork fees, as others charge. Your income history and employment status are not checked.

Our Inheritance funding officers are fast, reliable and courteous. Your experience as a client will always be pleasant and instructive. Customer service and professionalism are the cornerstones of our success. We look forward to satisfied customers coming back to us again for additional funds if Probate or Trust distribution stretches on longer than anticipated, which is often the case.

We also rely on our customers to tell their friends and relatives about us, should they find themselves one day suddenly in the unexpected position of waiting for an Inheritance, as an Heir or Beneficiary of an Estate in Probate or Trust - looking ahead at a potentially very long wait for their Inheritance; unable to get an Inheritance Loan or Trust Fund Cash in advance from traditional lenders, local banks or credit unions.

Call us today at 1 (800) 775-8044 and ask to speak to a Inheritance Cash Advance or Trust Fund Inheritance funding officer about an Inheritance Loan or Trust Fund advance!