Estate Attorney Gino Ricciardelli of Vasapolli & Ricciardelli Talks Probates, Trusts, Trustee Problems and Benefits of Inheritance Loans

    HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans:  Mr. Ricciardelli, can you explain to our viewers what recourse a Beneficiary has when his or her Trustee refuses to send over Trust paperwork or Estate documents?  Beneficiaries getting  Trust Fund Inheritance Loans from us, or just calling in to get Trust Fund Cash Advance information, as this question frequently.

    Gino Ricciardelli, Esq: “When a Trustee does not respond to a Beneficiary’s request for a will, paperwork, Trust documents detailing your payments schedule or verification of the capital, or the interest on the capital – in other words, any reasonable request posed by a Beneficiary to a Trustee – don’t get immediately paranoid and think the worst!  It’s probably just a sign of negligence more than anything… Of course it doesn’t help the poor beneficiaries looking for inheritance loans.

    The Trustee may believe he or she doesn’t have to submit these documents if deemed unnecessary.  Or, as I already mentioned, the Trustee may believe you are not a “direct Beneficiary”.  Look into these items first, before jumping the gun all the way to fraud.  On the other hand, if you do believe the Trustee is using the trust funds in an illegitimate manners, then you have grounds to file a petition to have this Trustee removed.

    You should first send a certified letter asking for your Trust paperwork.  If there is no response, I recommend spending $100 to $200 for a consultation with a lawyer you have confidence in, and have that attorney send an official letter directly to the Trustee.  If there is still no response, then you have the right to file a petition with the Probate Court or Superior Court, to have this Trustee removed.”

    HAC Specialist – Inheritance Loans: We have a lot to talk about, but Heirs visiting our Website would be especially interested in what an experienced Estate and Probate lawyer has to say about the advantages of getting a Trust Fund Loan or Probate Inheritance Loan…

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