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Inheritance Cash Advance Broker Program

USA and Canada / HAC Broker Program: Focus on Inheritance Loans Trust Inheritance Advance and Probate Inheritance Cash Advance

Probate and Trust Fund FAQs found on our site often help our Brokers learn more about Inheritance Loans anticipating their client's Probate Loan, Estate Loan or Trust Fund Inheritance Advance.

Heir Advance Co. not only provides Brokers with information on Inheritance Loans, Inheritance Cash Advances and Trust Fund Loans we also furnish our Brokers with well researched, thorough content covering a wide variety of Probate and Trust Estate issues, for educational purposes.

Although Probate and Trust Inheritance Cash Advances, or Inheritance Loans, are our primary focus we also like to keep our Broker well informed with meaningful and up to date content that fully covers Inheritance, Probate and Trust Fund issues.

Welcome to our team of Heir Advance Probate & Trust professionals

Our aim is to help you close more Inheritance transactions and earn more money by referring heirs who are in need of advance funding on their Inheritances in Probate or Trust.

Heir Advance Company has established itself as one of the leading Inheritance buyers in America. We believe in creating a win-win scenario for everyone in each transaction. Our number one criteria is that the need of the seller be met, while ensuring that you, the Broker, prosper.

Cash advances on inheritances require only a one-page questionnaire to be filled out by you, the Broker.

High Referral Fees

As a member of our Probate and Trust Broker Program, we will pay you a high referral fee on any funded deals you refer. To participate, you simply submit your qualified leads through email (or fax) using the Inheritance Advance Form or call us at 1-800-775-8044.

Generally most Probate and Trust advances take only days to fund.

Rapid Delivery of Commissions

As a broker, you will typically receive your commission check 3 to 5 days after the Inheritance cash advance paperwork has been signed by the heir or beneficiary client.

Labor Free for Brokers

Heir Advance Company does all the work - all we need from you is basic client information. Fill out and fax the full worksheet if you can; or simply confirm the Inheritance advance requested is $5,000 or higher -- and email, fax or call us with the prospect's full name, address and contact info.

We'll do the rest!

Probate, Trust, and Estate Attorney Relations

Inheritance Loans for Estate, Trust and Probate Attorneys as well as A Secure Inheritance Cash Advance for their consumer and clients.

Heir Advance's Attorney Relations Program welcomes Probate, Trust and Estate attorneys who are accepting new Probate clients in a variety of states. This program serves Probate Attorneys with immediate Inheritance Loans attorneys who are no longer interested in taking their fees far off in the future when Probate distributes.

The program also hires attorneys in their home states and acts as a financial buffer for unrealistic clients who are demanding Inheritance Funds that are a long distance from the point of Final Distribution. An immediate Inheritance Advance puts a stop to these financial anxieties. This includes Heir Advance's secure assignable Probate based Inheritance Advance and their Trust Fund based Inheritance Cash Advance.

Many Probate attorneys periodically experience pressure from Heirs that are anxious to receive their Inheritance distributions. Referring Heir Advance to these Heirs can provide instant relief from this headache.

Heir Advance Company strives for a positive and professional relationship with the attorneys and personal representatives that we do business with.

Give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us toll free at 1-800-775-8044