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Heir Advance Client Quotes - Inheritance Loans for Probates

Maybe not much can be done to speed up the Probate process, but there are alternative options to get some of that Inheritance Cash into your bank account. As some Heir Advance clients said recently in emails (regarding Probate Loans & Trust Fund Inheritance Loans):

Hannah L. - Detroit, MI

Inheritance Loans

"If you know anything about Detroit, you know our city is a poster-child for Depression job collapse - an economic "Katrina". Every other house and office building is an empty lot, or a foreclosed property. It's bad. So when my grandma died and left us some property and a lot of cash, I found out about inheritance loans, researched and applied for one of the probate loans. I've been unemployed since December, with unemployment checks drying up... so I couldn't wait around for a year for probate to end, to distribute my inheritance. Obviously knew what they were doing when it came to inheritance loans, and large probate loans in particular. There was no Will, but it wasn't a problem for them. We got our paperwork in, and four days later we had a $25,000 probate loan wired to my account. I would have never guessed that a probate inheritance loan would save my neck... but it did."

Carol S. - Fridley, MN

Inheritance Loans

"I first found out about inheritance loans when I spoke to our probate lawyer about how long it would take for me and my brother to get our inheritance... I then took a long look on Google to find some decent companies that specialized in inheritance loans. I found and studied their "Probate Timeline", and realized it was going to be many, many months before our inheritance cash would be real, cash in the bank... it was then I decided I had to get an Inheritance Loan, in this case a Probate Loan, as fast as possible... to fight off the financial damage brought about by this Recession out here, that just keeps getting tougher by the month..."

Mark R. - Chicago, IL

"... When probate started really dragging, and I mean 15 months later and no inheritance - I started looking around for options. Before I knew what inheritance loans were. I'd been laid off for 6 months and counting with no job in sight, trying to get some investment capital to start my business up... Thankfully my wife was working but we really needed money, at half of our former combined income - getting 2 months or more behind on mortgage and basic bills. Plus some outrageous medical bills. Searching online for Probate Loans and inheritance loans, I found and ... Avoided all the typical paperwork formalities you get from a bank loan and got right to the Inheritance Cash Advance, Inheritance loan, or whatever you want to call it. Banks never even discuss inheritance loans anyway. But this probate cash advance saved us. Who knew that my inheritance cash advance would bankroll my business and put us back on our feet way before we actually got the inheritance. It was like magic."

Paula G. - San Francisco, CA

Inheritance Loans

"When I came to this county I did not realize how challenging it was going to be to just stay alive here - to simply keep your job, avoiding the lay-offs... Cost of everything going up and up... Many items have doubled over the past 8 or 9 years. My American uncle passed away when I was finishing grad-school, and left me an inheritance, which was a big surprise. I found out that Probate Court, like everything else here, was going to take a long time to get the inheritance money to all of us heirs in the estate. We did a little research on the Internet and found Heir Advance Company, that provides inheritance loans - looking very professional. We called and discussed Probate Loans - and in 3 days I had the inheritance cash! Let me tell you without a nice nest egg in America you are just worried all the time. So now with my inheritance loan there to help me with a nice new car, new clothes, school bills and a credit card my wife can't stop shopping with - we both feel a lot better. Let's hope everyone gets to be so lucky in this life! "

Helen B. - Las Vegas, NV

Trust Inheritance Loans

"Once I had the Inheritance Loan in my bank account, the 10 or 12 months I'd have to wait didn't seem so awfully long anymore. Probate could take 15 months or longer as far as I could see. But once I had my Trust Fund inheritance loan in hand none of these problems seemed so scary any more. It really was a blessing to be able to get a large, super fast Inheritance Loan from Heir Advance Company, with no trouble, which makes a major difference to a Trust beneficiary like me. I have had enough trouble as it is from the trustee controlling my Trust inheritance!"

Jose Santa D. - Los Angeles, CA

Trust Fund Inheritance Loans

"I have a Trust Fund, and collect on the interest... But you guys made it a lot easier for me to expand my business when you gave me several Trust inheritance loans, much more than I was able to assemble on my own. I sent a colleague to you also, for a Probate Loan, and this worked out very well for them, for an investment with a deadline. They got their Probate Loan in a few days and are in great shape now. As am I with more capital to work with. In fact, I am now on my 3rd Trust Fund inheritance loan with you guys. My bank would not even discuss inheritance loans... and so this has been a huge save for me. Huge."