Client Experiences

A Wedding Saved

Last year, everything was happening all at the same time. My life was changing, for the better. For one, I never thought my favorite uncle would actually leave me an Inheritance, but once probate started, I saw I was really going to inherit some serious money. $220,000.00. I’d call that serious.

Everything seemed to be going along perfectly. On top of the Inheritance I was going to get, I was also getting ready to get married to the girl I loved, Kathryn. Things couldn’t be better.

Then – reality hit me.

I found out through the Estate lawyer that I wouldn’t be able to touch the cash my uncle had left me until Probate had “distributed”. Oh, no. When was that going to be? 12 months or longer. Great.

A major blow. My inheritance was supposed to pay for our wedding. We couldn’t wait a year to get married. We had everything planned out, even the time both of us were going to take off from work for the honeymoon. We just couldn’t wait a year.

But how was I going to pay for the wedding? I spoke to my dad and he came up with some sound advice. He suggested I get some sort of estate loan, or Probate cash advance, against my Inheritance but he forewarned me that no bank or credit union would be able to help me.

Making matters worse, my Inheritance was tied up in Probate disputes with a distant cousin PLUS my Inheritance was in another state from where I lived.

My old man was right. An Inheritance Loan from traditional lenders was going to be impossible. None of the banks, or my credit union, would ever approve an advance against my Inheritance. And without the estate loan giving me the Probate cash I needed, the dream wedding was history.

I bit the bullet and sat down to discuss it with Kathryn. And true to form, she came up with the Inheritance cash solution. She showed me this website and in 2 minutes I was on the phone with Heir Advance, talking to some Inheritance Loan expert. These guys were real experts, I can tell you. Inheritance pros, not inheritance salesmen.

Here was the answer to my prayers. I could get a Probate Loan against my uncle’s estate in a few days, after getting our paperwork in to their office. Best of all – the fact that my Inheritance Loan was based on a Probate in another state didn’t cause any delays at all.

The funding for the wedding ($16,000) was covered by my Probate Loan from Heir Advance Co., 3 days after they approved us – just as they had promised me. And I still had $24,000 of my Inheritance loan left over in the bank.

The only problem we had was what we would do with the money, not where we could get it! Heir Advance, thank you.

Graduating with Honors, Thanks to an Inheritance Loan

Two years ago I was facing the reality of dropping out of school. I couldn't cover my tuition costs. This was bad, because I needed my degree in Business Administration to pursue a better paying career.

My parents couldn’t help. I was running out of options... when out of the blue my grandfather died from a heart attack. I was notified by my family that I was coming into an inheritance of $165,000. Even though I was sad I lost my grandpa, I was so excited and relieved – my inheritance would cover my tuition expenses – plus. Unbelievable.

But then, once the excitement died down, I realized I was facing “probate”, a court process governing my grandfather’s Estate, that was probably going to take over a year to distribute funds to all the heirs, which was me and my two brothers.

So now – a new problem. I couldn’t get any of the money right away.

How was I going to get my Inheritance, or some of my Inheritance, right now, when I needed it... not 12 months later, which would prolong my graduation date. I flew into action. But to no avail. My credit cards were max’d out. My bank wouldn’t even discuss it. I had no assets to finance. My friends advised me that I would never get my inheritance in time to get my tuition paid up.

I got on the Internet and looked under loans, cash advances, pay-day loans (terrible!) and then stumbled onto “probate cash advances” and “inheritance loans”, and found Heir Advance Company. Heir Advance looked so professional, you’d think they invented Probate Loans, or Inheritance Advances. (I actually found out later that they did!) Their website, gave me a ton of good Probate & Inheritance info. I called them up and the rest is history.

The inheritance loan deal was easy and fast. No up-front charges. All they cared about was my grandfather’s Estate, my Probate paperwork, and the Inheritance I was expecting.

I was able to get my Inheritance Loan in four days. I was able to pay for my tuition on time, and returned to school for the Spring semester.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated being able to get the inheritance loan from a company that was both personal and super professional. No salesmen, no hassles. Just an inheritance loan in advance, exactly when I needed it.

The best part of all, for me, is that I'm now going to graduate with the degree I wanted, and will be able to compete in a tough work place, without facing a tower of student loans over my head every month for the next 10 years.

In the middle of such a severe recession, where every dollar counts, what could be better?

An Inheritance Loan to the Rescue

My husband’s grandmother passed away last August, and we found out we were gong to get a substantial inheritance, enough to change our life. My husband’s attorney, who was handling our estate and the Probate issues we had to face, told us we’d probably have to wait about 18 months to get our Inheritance money, after the Probate court had approved “distribution of the Estate funds”, etc., and though that wasn’t what we had expected, we were fine with it.

We hadn’t predicted sudden disaster so soon after the funeral. Our family car died. Dead. Our mechanic said we needed a new car, that the wagon wasn’t even worth fixing.

Being out in the suburbs, without that car during the day, I had serious problems. I’m a busy mom. I have to run three kids – 6, 10 and 14, to soccer practices, piano lessons, overnights, birthday parties... not to mention shopping. This really did spell disaster. Our little Civic is our only other car, and my husband drives to work everyday with it, 60 miles away.

And with the way the economy has been going, we did not have extra cash for a new car, even a good 2nd hand one. We weren’t going to be approved for a car loan we could easily pay off. And both of our banks wouldn’t even talk about giving us loan on our inheritance coming up, “We don’t provide inheritance loans to our customers.” was their answer to that. Our credit cards have nothing on them but debt; we have $500 in savings, and almost nothing in checking. We weren’t getting our monthly expenses paid on time, and with a lot of our friends completely out of work, some with homes in foreclosure, we considered ourselves lucky!

Anyway. Except, not so lucky that month. We had to get some money in hand, and fast. My husband went online and searched out cash advances, and short term loans. Nothing we could qualify for. And then we hit on “probate cash advances”, and ”inheritance loans”. That was it.

We didn’t even know you could get an inheritance loan. And then we hit on, and we saw that a probate loan, or inheritance cash advance, was exactly what we needed. We could see that Heir Advance was an established Inheritance Advance firm, we checked them out, and if anyone could help us get the inheritance loan money we needed, it was them.

We left them a message to call us back, and said our prayers that they would qualified us for the $15,000 inheritance loan we needed to pay for a new car and get current with our bills. Honestly, we were moving up on being two months behind.

When the Heir Advance inheritance loan specialist called us back, it couldn’t have been more than an hour from when I left them a message, the exchange was surprisingly pleasant, and everything went smoothly. After they processed our Probate and Estate paperwork, it wasn’t more than three or four days that we had our probate cash advance in hand and a lease on beautiful new Toyota two days after that. Within a week, we were up to date on all our bills and, wow! What a great feeling that was.

And to think our bank would even talk to us about a probate loan, and they’re supposed to be there to help us. This economy has put a strain on everyone, and had Heir Advance not been there to advance us a speedy inheritance loan, we probably would have had a nervous breakdown!

We had gone from total panic one week, to getting our inheritance money without any advance fees or charges, to being debt-free a week later. On top of that, our probate loan manager called us a week after that to follow up, to make sure we were OK. I can’t thank the people at Heir Advance Company enough. Once in awhile the cavalry does come to the rescue.

Hier Advance is Here to Help

The size of Probate Loans and Trust Fund Advances in America and Canada is governed by the amount of an Heir’s total Inheritance, plus how much of an Inheritance Cash Advance they are requesting, to resolve, for example, immediate financial problems, to lower credit card or medical debt, or to start a new business – while waiting for what seems like an eternity for a Trust Fund or Probate to distribute Inheritance funds.

Heirs of Probates frequently wait 10 to 12 months for Probate distribution; in fact most Probates often takes 15 to 18 months, or even longer. And in a depressed economy, like the one we are struggling with, where inflation appears to be out of control, where millions of jobs have moved overseas, and jobs in the US are lost abruptly without any sign or warning – waiting for an Inheritance for 15 or 18 months really does feel like an eternity.

As we all know, the American economy is in trouble, and is clearly affecting the security and lifestyles of most of us in this country. Some call it a Recession, some are even referring to the 1930’s Depression, as a matter of comparison. The comparisons are eerily similar, when you look back and compare the fall of the markets then to the economic problems we are experiencing now.

Credit is no longer being easily extended to small businesses and working people, as jobs and employment opportunities for regular people shrink, and lay-offs continue to ravage families in this country in ways not seen since the 1930s.

Many Heirs do not have great, or even good, credit, which is another reason why Trust cash advances or Probate Loans are so ideal. Banks, credit unions and other traditional lenders will not loan money on Inheritances.

This is precisely why so many Heirs and Beneficiaries these days in Canada and throughout America are calling Heir Advance’s Probate Loans and Trust Fund Advances “Recession Buster Loans” – a new way to get ahead of the game in the middle of what appears to be a very deep, long-term recession.

Naturally, you must be an Heir of an Estate in Probate or Trust to be able to apply for an Inheritance Loan. But if you are fortunate enough to be in that position right now, or may be soon, why not take advantage of an Inheritance funding advance and bridge the long Probate waiting period with Inheritance Loan funds that you are simply advancing to yourself.

Read up on some of the Inheritance Cash Advance details here, or visit the Probate Timeline here to get a clearer picture of exactly where you are in the long Probate process.

But remember – no matter where you are in the Probate Timeline, Heir Advance’s Probate Loan is there to help you now, today... regardless of when your Probate is set to distribute tomorrow.