Secure Inheritance Advance for Heirs: Inheritance Cash Advance on a $3.2 Million Dollar Trust

Probate Loan Client Interview: Probate Loans for Heirs who need Inheritance Advance Funds Fast – Jean and Gerry Little, UT – $50,000 Probate Loan
June 17, 2017
Largest Probate Loan Ever – Inheritance Advance Broker Interview
June 17, 2017

Inheritance Advance Client: It sure is!  I was laid off 15 months ago and have not been able to get an equivalent job since.  And waiting to get the inheritance…  is sort of like not having inherited it at all… Do you know what I mean?

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Yes, I do.

Inheritance Advance  Client: The only inheritance funding that’s made my inheritance feel real to us right now is the $100,000 Inheritance Cash Advance you gave us!  It’s concrete Inheritance Cash.  We put that Inheritance Cash in the bank.  Can’t get more real that that!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: So do you now feel a bit more relaxed about things… Are you experiencing a sense of more security from your Inheritance Cash Advance?

Inheritance Advance  Client: Well…  sure we do.  But look – I don’t feel wealthy…  maybe once I get the rest of my Inheritance Money, once I can access my Trust, then maybe I’ll feel “rich”.  But that’s off in the future.  But we can spend our Inheritance Advance funds if we need to.  That’s what’s so great about the way these Inheritance Loans or Inheritance Advances work.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: You needed cash right away didn’t you?  You had bills to pay.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Bills to pay?  Bills to get caught up on desperately, you mean!  We were way behind on everything.  Even our mortgage…  When we called Heir Advance we were urgently looking at Inheritance Loans.  We didn’t even know what Inheritance Loans were, or what an Inheritance Advance was – Or what a Trust Fund Loan was – whatever you want to call it!  All we knew was – we needed a windfall fast! Trust Fund Loan, or Inheritance Loan…  My husband keeps calling it a different name every time we talk about it!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: You can call them Inheritance  Loans if you want, people use these terms interchangeably… Probate Loans or Trust Fund Loans are terms folks use; knowing that we also provide Inheritance Cash Advances, or Inheritance Advances, which are, if you want to be very exact, cash  “assignments”, without interest or monthly payments; some call it a Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund Cash Advance. For you, or for any Heir, it all amounts to the same thing.

Inheritance Advance  Client: I get the terms mixed up! All I know is, Inheritance Cash Advance or Trust Loan, whatever you want to call it – the bottom line is, the inheritance cash you sent us overnight went into the bank, and that was the end of our money worries!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans:  Yes…   What’s important is that clients like yourself get the Inheritance Money they need, quickly and securely, and have this Inheritance Cash on tap to do whatever it is they need to do.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Well whatever – this Inheritance Cash Advance   was a real blessing for us…

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Most of the folks who come to us for Inheritance Loans are in similar financial situations… Cash flow is tight for most folks there days… many are unemployed … and just happen to inherit some money, or property, or both – and can lift themselves right out of their economic difficulties… But – a lot of folks like yourself simply cannot wait for a year or even years for Probate to close or for their Trust to distribute… With a Probate Loan or Trust Fund Advance, an Inheritance all of a sudden does feel immediate.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Exactly – the day we were approved for our Inheritance Advance we were walking on air!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Yes, and the important point is – without borrowing from a bank or Credit Union; whom you’d have to pay back at high interest rates, or even compound interest.  Getting an Inheritance Loan is basically just borrowing from yourself.

Inheritance Advance  Client: That’s what we thought.  The way they explained your Inheritance Loans to us was very simple.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: You got your Inheritance Loan by borrowing from your own Trust… and it will get paid back out of that Trust when the Trust Fund distributes, in a year and a half.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Yeah, it’s not like it’s out of our own pockets…. That’s what my husband thought. He said Inheritance Loans were less stressful then dealing with a bank.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Once the paperwork is in, clients walk off with their Inheritance Loan. Your Trust Fund Cash Advance was an assignment as a matter of fact, so there are no monthly payments, no interest points increasing the Inheritance Advance, or Inheritance Cash, that we have to pay back in a year and a half.

Inheritance Advance  Client: I’m glad we did it that way.  Your Inheritance Loans looked nice and simple to us.  An Inheritance Cash Advance we weren’t going to have to be concerned with every month, making payments, and figuring our how much interest we were paying… and so on… We liked that.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: A lot of clients want Inheritance Loans to be simple, without monthly payments.  Others prefer Inheritance Loans that are actual loans, but not many.

Inheritance Advance  Client: My husband said we shouldn’t care how Inheritance Loans are structured, just so long as we got to put our Trust Fund Loan in the bank!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: So what are you going to do with all this money Lia?

Inheritance Advance Client: Well with the Inheritance Loan we intend to pay off all of our bills… credit card bills… a pile of medical bills….  Get caught up on our mortgage… Pay all the back taxes we owe. I’m also going to loan my mom $20,000 out of our advance Inheritance Cash; Oh! And fix my husband’s teeth!  A birthday present.  And to think I had to convince him  in the beginning to make the first call to Heir Advance about Inheritance Loans.  He didn’t understand what Inheritance Loans even were.  I had to explain it all to him!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: And when your Trust distributes?

Inheritance Advance  Client: Well now you’re talking a lot of money… I’ll pay off our mortgage completely… and we’ll put a down payment on an estate up state… a dream of ours.  And put in an indoor heated swimming pool!  Something we’ve always dreamed of.  When we could afford it.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: And now you can afford it.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Yes. We’ll be able to afford a few things we’ve always dreamed of.  And some of those things we can even do right now – with our inheritance loan… and not have to wait three years for the trust to distribute!

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Thanks to Heir Advance.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Yes.  Thanks to Heir Advance!  In a big way.

Specialist – Inheritance Loans: Thanks for talking to us today Lia.

Inheritance Advance  Client: Thank you.  Thank you very much for our  Inheritance Cash Advance!  For a Trust Fund Loan that got us onto dry ground when it really counted!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!