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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from HeirAdvance Our experienced staff has been providing heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Cash Advances since 1993
Inheritance Cash Advance usually available in 3-4 days from Heir Advance
Getting an Inheritance Cash Advance is easy!

Probate, Trust, and Estate Attorney Relations

Inheritance Loans for Estate, Trust and Probate Attorneys as well as A Secure Inheritance Cash Advance for their consumer and clients.

Heir Advance's Attorney Relations Program welcomes Probate, Trust and Estate attorneys who are accepting new Probate clients in a variety of states. This program serves Probate Attorneys with immediate Inheritance Loans attorneys who are no longer interested in taking their fees far off in the future when Probate distributes.

The program also hires attorneys in their home states and acts as a financial buffer for unrealistic clients who are demanding Inheritance Funds that are a long distance from the point of Final Distribution. An immediate Inheritance Advance puts a stop to these financial anxieties. This includes Heir Advance's secure assignable Probate based Inheritance Advance and their Trust Fund based Inheritance Cash Advance.

Many Probate attorneys periodically experience pressure from Heirs that are anxious to receive their Inheritance distributions. Referring Heir Advance to these Heirs can provide instant relief from this headache.

Heir Advance Company strives for a positive and professional relationship with the attorneys and personal representatives that we do business with.

Give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us toll free at 1.800.775.8044