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Probate Inheritance Timeline

If you are an Heir of an Estate, or Beneficiary of a Trust, in Probate – and you are waiting for your Inheritance – you probably know by now that the Probate process may cause you to wait for your Inheritance for a longer period of time than you originally thought.

If you are considering an Inheritance Loan, we invite you to use our Probate Timeline (below) as an Inheritance reference tool to estimate how much longer you must wait to access your Inheritance. This may affect your decision on whether or not to apply for an Probate Loan.

As you wait for your Inheritance, you may be able to identify which stage of Probate you are presently in, as you wait for Probate to distribute so you can get your Inheritance. Probate is an unpredictable legal procedure, so bear in mind that the Probate Timeline below may not be entirely accurate in all situations.

If you have any questions regarding the specific phase of Probate you are presently in, the Probate process in general, or would like to discuss your interesting in getting an Inheritance Loan – call the number below to speak with a Probate Funding Advisor, in order to decide if an Inheritance Loan is the right thing for you.  Just give us a call!

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Estate Prepares & Files Petition for Probate
Hearing on Petition for Probate
Issue Letters of Administration, Orders For Probate, Duties & Liabilities.
Probate Issue Bond (if ordered)
Notice to Creditors during Probate
Notice to Dept. of Health Services: Estate Inventory & Appraisement
Pay State/Fed Taxes on Estate during or after Probate (if necessary)
Allow or reject creditor claims during Probate
Possible Preliminary Inhertiance Distributions during Probate
Notice to Dept. of Health Services during Probate (if deceased received medical)
Notice to Franchise Tax Board (if Heir or Heirs of Probate are out of state)
Claim of Inheritance exemption (if assets Transfer to a minor during Probate)
Receive final Inheritance tax letter from State & Federal (if appropriate)
File Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting during Probate
Hearing on Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting during Probate
Order approving Final Distribution And Accounting for Estate in Probate
Distribution of Assets to Heirs of the Probate
Final Discharge Order of the Estate in Probate
Final Distribution of Estate Funds, Concluding Probate