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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from HeirAdvance Our experienced staff has been providing heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Cash Advances since 1993
Inheritance Cash Advance usually available in 3-4 days from Heir Advance
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About Us

Inheritance Loans: Fast. Reliable. Secure

When Banks Say "NO" Heir Advance Says "YES!"

Get an Inheritance Cash Advance; an Inheritance Loan, a Trust Fund Loan or a Probate Advance from Heir Advance -- $5,000 to $1 Million+ usually in 72 hrs.

Heir Advance Co. has funded thousands of Probate Loan and Trust Fund Cash Advance transactions over the years, and has advanced millions of dollars to Heirs of Probates and Trust Beneficiaries.

Headquartered in Southern California since 1993, Heir Advance Co. is the premier financial service firm in the United States advancing money to Heirs and Beneficiaries of an Inheritance, prior to the close of a Probate and or distribution of a Trust.

Heir Advance pioneered the concept and financial methodology to provide Heirs and Beneficiaries cash in advance of the closing of a Probate or Trust distribution.