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How an Inheritance Advance helps Heirs find Peace of Mind and Emotional Recovery when a loved One Passes Away…

When a loved one passes away and leaves a Will – a great deal of emotional upheaval is experienced by the remaining Heir or Heirs, if there are more than one; who tend to lean on one another for support and comfort, and security. 

An infusion of immediate Estate Loans cash, as with all advance Inheritance Loans (also referred to as an Inheritance Cash Advance; or simply an Inheritance Advance).  This terminology applies consistently to all Probate Loans and Trust Fund Loans within the United States and Canada.

Before we get to Inheritance Loans or Probate and Trust Advances…  we should first discuss certain steps members of an estate should take when a beloved member of a family group passes away, especially when it is an abrupt loss.

After the passing of a loved one…once all family, personal and professional parties have been notified… Social Security, attorney and accountant calls have been made; once you have gathered up and organized all your loved ones’ critical insurance papers and calls; as well as legal, banking  and financial documents; made funeral or equivalent arrangements; etc. and so on…

This is the point when an Inheritance Loan, or an Inheritance Advance such as a Probate Loan or Trust Fund Loan – can come in extremely handy.  When a family is that shaken up… and you as a principal Heir are in the sort of emotional position where Inheritance Loans are often not thought of yet could provide enormous if not complete relief from worldly worries and anxieties better left to a more normal period of time. 

Having an Inheritance Loan in your hand can lift you out of a great deal of financial
anxieties.  The difficult period of time right after a death is where your Inheritance Advance would give you a “brief vacation” from concerns and worries such as death related financial issues; or the decedent’s taxes and debts; or getting funeral bills paid and lawyer fees taken care of, and so on and so forth.  

A discussion about the calming or soothing effects of Inheritance Loans – or Probate Loans and Trust Fund Loans – was recorded recently with Inheritance Advance recipient Sheila Rothstein of San Francisco, CA – who lost her husband Norman last year around this time…

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans: How would you say Inheritance Loans help people deal with so many challenging things at such a traumatic time as a death in the family?

Inheritance Advance Recipient:  It’s true.  Inheritance Loans really do take the stress off your shoulders… and my son Barry helped me get through it,  my sisters helped… the Inheritance Advance I got from Heir Advance Co. put me in a place financially where I didn’t need to even think about money worries, or debts my  husband Norman left behind or Inheritance Taxes… or whatever!  

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans: How well did you deal with the lawyer?

Inheritance Advance Recipient:    I didn’t.  The Inheritance Advance took care of  the billings… and my older sister Ruth dealt with the law firm very well, as she was married to a corporate lawyer for 43 years!  Let me tell you, it’s true… when financial worries are lifted off of you it’s possible to breathe again. Especially when you’re in the middle of a trauma like a death – Norman and I were married for 46 years.  You get used to a person in that time.  When they disappear from your life you feel totally confused. 

If it wasn’t for my Inheritance Advance I would  have been ten  times as confused and scared.

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans: What about your insurance and banking issues?

Inheritance Advance Recipient:  My son took all that off my back… And Norman was very organized, so it was hard to find everything and get it all handled properly.

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans: In what other ways was your Inheritance Cash Advance helpful to you?

Inheritance Advance Recipient:  With the Inheritance Advance I got I was able to travel to the Midwest, and to England… to visit my other two sisters; while my immediate family who live in town helped take care of things in the house…  I really needed to get away. It helps.

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans:  Of course.  And that more or less covers the Inheritance Loans as an emergency solution, doesn’t it?

Inheritance Advance Recipient:  Yes... but as far as Estate Loans are concerned… I just want to add, to say… that I don’t honestly know what I would have done if it were not for Heir Advance Inheritance Loans.  It helped me to survive; it helped my family settle down.  It gave us the extra cushion of Inheritance Cash to lean on… to help lend extra support in such a difficult time. 

It would have been a total nightmare without my Inheritance Advance.  No doubt about it.

Sr. Manager of Inheritance Loans:  Yes.  Thank you Sheila.  All of our Inheritance Advance clients say similar things.  In times of extra stress and confusion Inheritance Loans are an emotional life-saver, so to speak.  It is nice to be in a business that actually helps people in hard times, with “emergency Inheritance Cash” you might say…. 

We sort of swoop in when folks are hurting and we supply an antidote, or Inheritance Advance solution!  And it feels good hearing the stories of how we help folks every month with urgent or much needed Inheritance Loans.   It’s nice to be able to make a living helping people. 

It gratifying when you look at yourself in the mirror every day….   And you know that your Inheritance Loans saved the day for a bunch of folks who had no other recourse.  No other recourse at all.  Except us.  And that feels good, I don’t mind telling you.  It feels darn good.