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Customer Interview

A recent Probate Cash Advance client, Jenny in San Francisco, wrote a complimentary email to us after she had received her Inheritance Cash Advance; so we asked Jenny, with her husband Paul, to do an interview and share her experience with our website visitors and customers:

HAC: Jenny, we understand that, along with being a recent Heir of an Inheritance, you, like many, were “hit” by the current financial recession in this country…

Jenny: That’s right. Way before the Inheritance or the Inheritance Advance came up… we were hit hard.  I was laid off last January.  Our company wanted to show their shareholders a larger profit, so presto – lower the overhead!  Not only that, my husband had his hours reduced… to 30 hours a week, which hit us even harder in the pocketbook.  We could just barely pay our bills every month, but not much more.  Not only that, but my husband needed an operation, and even with the health coverage we’d be liable for over 20%, which came to $18,500 we’d owe the hospital.  And he was told not to put it off.

HAC: And then you had a loss in your family, an Estate in Probate to go through; and an Inheritance?

Jenny: Yes, my mother died, leaving everything to us. My dad passed away years ago. But the lawyer told us Probate was going to take at least a year to distribute our Inheritance Funds, and it could be even longer.  And there was Probate property to deal with, to sell.

HAC:  What prompted you to call Heir Advance Company about a Probate Cash Advance?

Jenny:  My brother is a real estate broker… he dealt with Probate properties in CA, and he told us about Probate Loans, Inheritance Cash Advances, and all that. We’d never heard of it before – so my husband said, “Wow! If Inheritance Cash Advances are for real, it would be a life saver right about now.”  And it was.  Big time. The bills were really building up, I can tell you.                             

HAC:  What happened next?

Jenny: Paul, my husband, called the 800 number on the website… we’d done some online research and decided straight away that Heir Advance Company was by far the most professional looking firm offering these kinds of Inheritance Cash Advances.  The idea of a Probate Loan never even occurred to either of us.  Most people who are Heirs waiting for Probate to close so they can claim get their Inheritance, just listen to their lawyers, and prepare to wait 12 or 15 months. 

HAC: Why not just wait for Probate to distribute, get your Inheritance Cash that way?

Jenny: We couldn’t wait for Probate to close!  My Inheritance might as well have been ten years away! We absolutely had to get our hands on a big chunk of money – for Paul’s  operation… and to get out from under this horrible pile of debt that was growing larger every month.  I mean, what is Inheritance cash for anyway?  To do you some good in the present… not in the future when it’s too late! 

Paul: And I’ll tell you – there was no chance of me getting my hours back… I’m an electrical  engineer… with no chance of getting an new job right away.  So falling into a $40,000 Probate Loan based only on the Estate, and Jenny’s Inheritance, just saved us, literally.   And Jenny’s Inheritance windfall was a major surprise to begin with.

HAC: Did you look into traditional lending sources first, to try to get a Probate Cash Advance, or some kind of Inheritance Loan?

Paul: Are you kidding?  I asked my credit union for a Probate Cash Advance… They didn’t even know what an Inheritance Cash Advance really was, I don’t think.  I called the banker that approved our mortgage a million years ago…  A guy I play golf with on the weekends.  He knew what a Probate Cash Advance was… but he said they couldn’t do anything for us.

HAC: So how was the Probate Cash Advance experience?

Paul and Jenny: (together) Great…. great!!

Jenny: We sent in a few documents from the Estate, Probate documents… paperwork describing what my Inheritance was going to be, besides the Will…

Paul: The application was unbelievably easy, and fast. And Heir Advance did 99% of the work for us!  They even got our Probate paperwork for us, from the Probate attorney… Man, they move fast.

Jenny: They really did do most of the work for us… And after everything was in – we waited maybe 3 days to get the Inheritance Cash Advance, and that was it.  We had our Probate Loan! We were putting the Probate Cash check in the bank on, I think, Friday. We finished with the paperwork on Tuesday.

Paul: Tuesday morning.

Jenny: Yeah. And that was it. Really easy.  No stress.

Paul: And in our situation, job trouble…

Jenny: No job!

Paul: Right. And a death in the family… Upset relatives… An inheritance.  A Probate to worry about.  Lawyers… Talk about stress!

Jenny: And then an Inheritance Cash Advance. Thanks to our lucky stars.

Paul: Thanks to Heir Advance.

Jenny: Right. We didn’t need more …  We hoped the Inheritance Loan would be stress-free.

Paul: Exactly right.  And it was.  A stress free, recession-busting Probate Cash Advance. And my surgery was a success, and the cost not a major worry thanks to the Inheritance Loan!

Jenny: Yes, thank you, Heir Advance.

Paul: Thank you Heir Advance!