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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from HeirAdvance Our experienced staff has been providing heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Cash Advances since 1993
Inheritance Cash Advance usually available in 3-4 days from Heir Advance
Getting an Inheritance Cash Advance is easy!

If you are an Heir of an Estate in Probate or Trust

and you want a portion of your Inheritance in a $5,000 to $1 Million + Inheritance Loan - in as little as 72 hrs-
we can help! U.S. or Canadian Estates Only.

Contact our main office for all Inheritance Cash Advances

Heir Advance Co., Inc. is America's most successful financial services firm specializing in Probate and Trust Inheritance Cash Advances for Heirs and Beneficiaries.

It's Easy...

When you apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance, Heir Advance Co. does not run a credit check, or investigate your employment status or history. The only requirement to get an Inheritance Loan is that your Estate in Probate or Trust is in the United States or Canada, and that you are a legal Heir of the Estate.
No Credit or Employment history required.

It's Fast...

With just a simple toll-free phone call, we can get you started on your path to receiving your Probate or Trust Cash Advance. Once your paperwork has been received, it generally takes only a few days to receive your Inhertiance Loan.
Most Inheritance Loans are received within 72 hours!

It's Secure...

The Heir Advance Inheritance Loans process is fully in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Probate Court located in the county of your Estate. Attorneys and Court personnel confirm all paperwork execution and court submissions.

It's Transparent...

Heir Advance Co.'s Inheritance Loan process is transparent for Heirs -- with clarification every step of the way.

  • No Compunded Interest
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • No Penalties
  • No Credit History
  • No Employment History
  • No Credit Report
  • No Credit Score

It's Cost Effective...

Our goal is to get your Probate or Trust cash advance to you as inexpensively and as rapidly as possible.
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Interest Charges
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Transaction fees
  • No Paperwork charges