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What exactly is the "Uniform Probate Code"? Does this apply to probate of inheritances in all states in the U.S.?

The Uniform Probate Code, accepted by 18 states, specifies the rights of a surviving spouse when their spouse passes without a will. The rights include: If there are no parents, children, or grandchildren of the deceased spouse, the surviving one inherits the estate; if a parent survives, the surviving spouse inherits the first $50,000, then splits the remaining half of the estate with the parent(s); if a child or grandchild survives, the surviving spouse inherits the first $50,000 and then splits the remaining 50% of the estate with the child or grandchild. All states in the USA and the District of Columbia have enacted laws governing most aspects of estate planning and probate -- legal validity of wills, creation of trusts, the probate process, and more. These laws can fall under various names, often as collections of laws called "codes." The different estate and probate codes that can be found from state to state include "Decedents' Estates," "Trust and Fiduciaries," "Estate Administration," and the "Uniform Probate Code."