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Can we take care of probate without an actual "probate attorney" being involved?

lawyer generally keeps the proceedings formal and professional. There are no laws that insist you use a lawyer, or probate attorney, however probate is a legal process. One mistake or missed deadline could cause a great many problems for everyone involved with the estate. The probate process has to remain error-free. An experienced probate lawyer can guide you through the probate process and make sure there are no unnecessary delays. A probate attorney specializes in the area of law related to the legal process that takes place when a person passes away. The probate attorney will file the required paperwork and appear in court on behalf of the executor of the person's estate. The probate attorney will also usually handle probate specific details such as proving that a deceased person's will is valid, having the estate appraised, and paying outstanding debts, and helping in the details of inherited property.

You normally do not need a probate attorney if your estate is valued at lass than $100,000. In this case, there are some simple forms that allow your survivors to easily transfer your property without the need for probate