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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from HeirAdvance Our experienced staff has been providing heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Cash Advances since 1993
Inheritance Cash Advance usually available in 3-4 days from Heir Advance
Getting an Inheritance Cash Advance is easy!

Estate Loan

Since 1992, Heir Advance Company, Inc. has helped thousands of Heirs of Estates in Probate and Beneficiaries of Trusts solve many financial problems and challenges with a fast, secure advance Estate Loan.

Heir Advance Company is America's premier financial service company focused exclusively on providing Inheritance Cash Advances to Heirs - giving Heirs of Estates in Probate immediate access to a portion of their Inheritance in advance. The firm also furnishes Trust Beneficiaries with Advance Cash from their Trust, or Trust Fund.

Heir Advance's Inheritance Loans are assignments rather than traditional credit and mortgage based personal loans, to insure that, for Heirs, there are...

  • No Interest Rates
  • No Compounded Interest
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • No Penalties
  • No Credit History
  • No Employment History
  • No Job Status
  • No Credit Reports
  • No Credit Scores

This would be necessary information if your Inheritance Cash Advance was a traditional credit and mortgage based personal loan, not an assignment.

This is why your credit history and employment status, and all the other personal financial information commonly associated with traditional personal loans, are not factored in to the Heir Advance Inheritance Advance approval process.

Beware! If this were a traditional loan, lenders probably wouldn't mention that their interest rate is compounded, making the interest charges higher than stated. Compounded interest rates add up!

Financial companies who do provide personal loans for this purpose do not typically inform you about the economic dangers of compounded interest. If possible, it is a must to avoid.

At the end of the Probate process, your Estate or Trust pays Heir Advance Co. back the assignment amount advanced to you, plus a modest fee, from your Inheritance. There are no other financial obligations, hidden transaction costs, paperwork charges, or monthly fees.

Heir Advance makes the Inheritance Advance process so easy - all you have to do is submit your paperwork, sit back and relax for a few days, until your Estate Loan arrives.