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Inheritance Alert:
Beware of Million Dollar Inheritance Scams that Plague Americans

Many thousands of Americans are now receiving a steadily increasing barrage of these fake Inheritance cash emails, generally coming from Nigeria, but pretending to be from a Probate lawyer (or “barrister”) in England; or from a Swiss bank executive, or Probate Court administrator in London – informing them they are Heirs of an Inheritance worth many millions of dollars that is waiting for them in a bank here or overseas, all of which is always untrue. 

The happily surprised “Heir” is informed that all he or she needs to do is pay out $1,800 or $3,000 or $8,000 for “international security fees” or “international Inheritance taxes” (that do not even exist in a normal, legitimate Probate or Inheritance setting) – and the Inheritance money will magically be theirs. 

Heir Advance frequently receives emails from people who honestly believe they have all of a sudden become Heirs to a million dollar Inheritance, and who wish to apply for a Inheritance Loan to pay the scam artists the “Probate fees” so the “bank” or “Probate Court” can “release” their Inheritance funds.  Folks desperately want to believe that they have an Inheritance worth 30 million dollars in Probate and all it takes is $3,000 to have it “released” by “the authorities”.

It isn’t difficult to understand how so many Americans could be fooled.  As the economy in the US continues to worsen, as severe problems in the markets compound and affect millions of companies and tens of millions of people, Americans have become more desperate and needy, and therefore much more vulnerable to these international “Inheritance” con men. 

As the economy here continues to weaken, as more and more people find themselves with less and less money, the number of online “Inheritance” criminals has grown, and they have become bolder and even more encouraged to increase their illegal “Inheritance” activities in America.  Con men always prey on people who are in financial need and in this case who desperately want to believe that they were left a multi-million dollar Inheritance from a Probate associated with a relative they’ve never even met!

The con men carry on numerous conversations with the proposed Inheritance scam victim, to build confidence, until they finally get to the stage where the “Heir” is instructed to send a check to the “Probate official” or to the “bank attorney” who is “handling the Probate in London” – and the fabulous 30 million dollar Inheritance will be theirs.  From fear of foreclosure and trouble paying the bills every month – to multi-millionaire status from a lucky Inheritance. Sorry.  It’s just too good to be true.  

So – if you ever receive an email telling you that you’re an Heir to millions of dollars left to you by someone you never really knew, with an Inheritance currently in Probate in London or anywhere sitting in a bank waiting for funds from you to get it “released”, delete it.  It’s 99% chance that it’s not real.  It just doesn’t work that way.   

If you were really an Heir of a Probate, with Inheritance coming to you, you would not be notified by email, and the odds are you would know the person who supposedly left you an Inheritance – especially if it were in the millions!  As someone once said, if something looks too good to be true – it usually is.

The sharply increased volume of scams in America is causing authorities here to take  the problem more seriously. However, the problem is, Nigerian extradition laws make it impossible to pursue or arrest Internet criminals operating inside Nigeria.

At any rate, Internet scams come in many shapes and sizes.  An article on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website illustrates several examples of current scams, other than the Inheritance scam, that you definitely need to look out for: