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Probate Loans, Inheritance Loans &  Inheritance Advance Trust Services 

  • Inheritance Loaans and Inheritance Advance Assignments for Beneficiaries of  Trusts: US/Canada
  • Probate Loans for Trusts and Estate Loans for Probates, for Heirs and Beneficiaries in the United States
  • 2-3Day Inheritance Loans for All Heirs and Beneficiaries in Canada
  • Probate Loans / Inheritance Advance Services for Heirs of Probates & Trusts, US & Canada
  • Inheritance Cash Advance  funds  for Heirs of Estates in Probate – in every state in the United States except Ohio.
  • Inheritance Cash Advance funds  for Trust Beneficiaries – in all states in America with the exception of Puerto Rico & Ohio.
  • Inheritance Advance  funds  for Heirs of Estates in Probate  – Canada  (in all regions, without exception)
  • Inheritance Advance funds  for Beneficiaries of Trusts – Canada  (in all regions, without exception)
  • Heir Advance provides Inheritance Advance  funds for American Heirs of Estates in Probate and Trust in all States except Ohio

>> What Inheritance Advance clients are saying about us….

Inheritance Loan Client in Florida

“Thanks to our inheritance loan from your firm my family can finally do all the things we’ve been waiting to do – like taking a family vacation all together, and getting up to date with our mortgage and medical bills… and some new clothes for the wife! What a difference $75,000 makes when you’re flat broke one day, and not the next.  Muchos gracias amigos!”

Andy S. –  Longwood , FL


Probate Loan Client in Indiana

“That call I made to your company only a few weeks ago to apply for a Probate Loan has changed my life.  You wouldn’t believe what it feels like to have no debts overnight. and to be back in school – all paid up for the entire semester!!  I can’t thank you enough heir advance company!”

June D. –  Noblesville, IN


Inheritance Advance Client, N.Carolina

“My inheritance advance has given my wife and I a new lease on life!  When you are s low in funds as we were, a $50,000 probate loan feels like a million!  We’ve been referring you guys to all our relatives in the estate.  They are all still stuck in probate – sort of like being stuck in deep mud after a storm down here.  If I can take advantage of your Tell-a-Friend program, and send over 3 or 4 more heirs for an inheritance advance, I certainly will!”

Kenny Bob J. – Hampstead, NC 


Inheritance Advance Client in Virginia

“I trusted you guys so much I didn’t even give your probate loan  paperwork to my attorney to look over.  I appreciated the fact that your paperwork was fast and easy by the way.  Everyone I  dealt with at your company in fact was fast and easy and professional.  Not one problem, which is hard to believe these days!”  

Tanya B. – Charlottesville, VA   


Inheritance Advance Client in D.C.

“Without the $25,000 Inheritance Cash Advance you guys provided for  us, we’d still be sitting on  on our trust six years from now!  We really needed this money now, and our probate loan made it all possible. I’d refer your Inheritance loans or Inheritance Advance services to anyone.  

Angie T. – Washington, DC


Inheritance Advance Client in Ll, NY

Your reps really bent over backwards to make the probate loan, inheritance loan, process easy for me…  I can’t get over how fast and professional Heir Advance is.” 

Richard G. – Bayshore, NY


Inheritance Advance Client, California

“In a day where it’s really hard to find people you can trust – your probate loan experts really came though with flying colors!  We didn’t know an inheritance advance could be so easy!”

Richard G. – Santa Monica, CA


Inheritance Advance Client in Canada

Your inheritance advance rate for our probate loan was lower than I expected.  I’ll bet you haven’t raised your rates for your probate inheritance advance in 22 years since you started this firm!  While other companies try to rip off us consumers – you guys stay fair and decent. 

Janet H. – Vancouver, Canada 


Who Can Apply for an Inheritance Advance? 

Are You an Heir of a Current Probate or Trust, Expecting an Inheritance of $15,000 or more?

Do you need Inheritance Cash now?  $5,000+ Probate or Trust Inheritance Cash Advance 

Call us about a Probate Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment, a Probate Loan, a Trust Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment, or a Trust Fund Inheritance Loan  

Save money with an Interest Free Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment or Inheritance Loan.  No monthly payments; no compound interest; no penalties or points to be concerned with.  

Let us provide you with exactly what you need…

Get  a custom structured Inheritance Cash Advance Probate Assignment or Interest-Free Probate Inheritance Loan, Trust Fund Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment, or Trust Fund Inheritance  Loan from Heir Advance Co. –  the Inheritance Advance Firm that Treats all of their Clients like V.I.Ps.

The Heir Advance Co. Inheritance Cash Advance Motto is: “You  don’t need to be a Corporate Exec or Celebrity to be Treated Like One!” 

Inheritance Advance Services:  

      1. A 72 -Hour  Inheritance Cash Advance for Heirs of Estates in Probate: USA & Canada
      2. A Secure Inheritance Cash Advance for Trust Beneficiaries: $5,000 and up.
      3. Secure Inheritance Loans for Heirs of Estates in Probate: All States except Ohio.
      4. Fast Inheritance Loans for  Beneficiaries of Trusts who need Inheritance Money now.

You Can Apply For:  

 * Trust and Probate Loans starting at $5,000 – zero interest*

* Trust Fund Inheritance Loans – no monthly payments *

* Get a Probate Inheritance Cash Advance  Assignment in two to three days *

* A Trust Fund Inheritance Cash Advance – no Inheritance Cash Advance maximums


More Quotes From Inheritance Advance Cases…

Our Probate Loan, Inheritance Advance Probate assignment, Inheritance Advance Trust Loan  & Inheritance Advance Trust assignment clients are all valued highly by Heir Advance. All are equally  popular with attorneys and Heirs alike.


Inheritance Advance Client in San Fran

Thanks for all the good work!  My husband and I are eternally grateful to you for getting us our $80,000 inheritance cash advance when we needed it most.  The bank was at the door wanting their house — our house — back if we slipped one more month behind!!

Jane R. – San Francisco,  CA

Inheritance Advance Client in Texas

Our Inheritance Cash Advance from you folks arrived in the nick of time.  Things were getting very bad for us and we desperately needed an infusion of cash…  I can’t tell you how many times we tried to get an Inheritance Advance form one of our banks– and were turned down time after time.  You guys really came through for us.

Theresa K. – Hutto, TX 

Inheritance Advance Client in Florida

I moved down here from New York to start a business, and let me tell you, everything went belly up for me when the economy crashed in 2009.  If it wasn’t for your terrific Inheritance Advance I would have lost my business, and probably my house! So I can’t thank you guys enough!

Nash K. B. – Jupiter, FLA

Inheritance Advance Trust Client in WA 

My grandfather left me a $1.5 million dollar trust which I couldn’t touch for two years — why he did that I’ll never know. But he did.  So I would have slip downhill were it not for you gentlemen… The way you worked out my Inheritance Advance just on the interest I was receiving was a miracle.  Even my lawyer was impressed with this Trust Inheritance Advance.  I am telling all the other beneficiaries I know to call you.

Keith P. – Seattle, WA 

Inheritance Advance Client, E. Canada

Hey, I want to thank you for my inheritance advance.  I just loved my account manager… he actually called me when I left him a message.  Almost unheard of these days. In fact you did everything you said you would do for me.  Without your inheritance advance I think I would have had to move back in with my parents. And that would have been a disaster — so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Elena N. – Toronto, Canada

Inheritance Advance Client, W. Canada

I have to commend your company for being so professional and efficient in the way you handle your inheritance cash advance business.  I was borrowing money from my friends, it was that bad. I lost my job  as you know and my part time job just is just not enough.  Talk about fast — I had to give my landlord a check for the past three months  on Friday or out I would go, and you managed to get my inheritance cash advance to me by Friday morning in fact.  You people are the best.

Estella V. – Vancouver Island, Canada


Secure Inheritance Advance Loans and Inheritance Advance Cash Assignments from Heir Advance are available 24-7, by phone, email or fax.

Once approved, your Inheritance Advance generally arrives within 3 to 4 days after your paperwork has been received. Probate Cash Advances  with no hidden fees.  No job status or employment  investigation.

  • No hidden fees — just a secure Inheritance Cash Advance and professional, cordial  service.
  • Probate Loans: $5,000 up to $1 Million or more for Heirs who can’t wait for Probate or a Trust to distribute –who need an Inheritance Advance ASAP.
  • Inheritance Cash Advance – When you need cash now!
  • Inheritance Advance funds right away — when critical bills need to get paid and creditors are at your door. 
  • An Inheritance Cash Advance is a niche financial instrument, known mainly to Heirs of Estates and Trusts.   


72 Hour Probate / Trust Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan

A Probate Inheritance Cash Advance or Probate Inheritance Loan, Trust Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment or Trust Inheritance Loan is waiting for you generally within 72 hours at the other end of the Heir Advance Company  Inheritance Cash Advance Hotline: 1 800-775-8044.   

An Inheritance Cash Advance Manager Helps You Complete the Process 
An Inheritance Cash Advance Account Manager will help you complete your application and will even help retrieve your Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment paperwork. 
If an Inheritance Cash Advance assignment, Probate Loan, or Trust Advance is on your list of to-do’s this month don’t procrastinate any longer!   Call the Heir Advance 800 number and get your Probate Loan, Trust Inheritance Loan, Probate Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment, or Trust Fund Inheritance Cash Advance application moving forward. 

Sit Back and Enjoy the Pathway Towards Immediate Financial Relief!

We lift the application and paperwork challenges off your back.  Your first call to Heir Advance Co. puts you on a fast-track path towards immediate financial relief with your first zero interest Inheritance  Loan or Trust Fund Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment.  
  • Q.  What makes Heir Advance Probate Loans, Trust Fund Inheritance Loans and Inheritance Cash Advance assignments so secure and reliable?
  • A.  The Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance system, and Inheritance Cash Advance formula, is built for security, speed and consistency.
  • Q.  What is the best Inheritance Cash Advance for me?
  • A.  The  type of Probate or Trust Inheritance Loan or  Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment you receive will depend on your current financial situation, the size and structure of your estate or Trust, and when the Trust or Probate is set to distribute.
  • Q.  What are the differences between a Probate Loan or  a Trust Inheritance Loan — and a Probate  Inheritance Cash Advance or Trust Fund  Inheritance Cash Advance Assignment? 
  • A.   Probate Loans or Trust Inheritance Loans are based on interest points, monthly payments and your credit score, as most traditional loans are.  Probate  Inheritance Cash Advance Assignments  or Trust Fund  Inheritance Cash Advance Assignments are non interest bearing loans or cash advances. 
  • Q.  Is a Probate Loan more expensive than an Inheritance Cash Advance for an Inheritance in Probate? 
  • A.  Inheritance Cash Advance Assignments or Inheritance Loans are different instruments, neither are more expensive or inexpensive than the other.
  • Does a Probate Cash Advance Assignment take longer to fund than a Probate Inheritance Loan?
  • Q.  To get a Probate Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance for a Trust, do I need to have a large Inheritance to be able to get approved?
  • A.  No you don’t.  You can get an  Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan as long as you have a $15,000 Inheritance or more.
  • Q.  Can I get a Probate Loan quickly, as in a day or two, if I really need  cash urgently?
  • A.  Once your paperwork has been submitted to our main office in California, it generally takes no longer than 2 or 3 days to get funded for your  Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan.
  • Q.  Does my Inheritance Cash Advance change anything in the structure of the Estate or Trust Fund, or where my Inheritance is concerned?
  • A.  An  Inheritance Cash Advance for a Probate or Trust does not affect a Trust or Estate in any way.  

It’s simple.   Inheritance Loans for Heirs of Estates in Probate, Inheritance Loans for Beneficiaries of Trusts;  Inheritance Cash Advances for Heirs of Probates, and  Inheritance Cash Advances for  Trust Beneficiaries are exclusively for Heirs of Estates in Probate or Trust — not the general public.

Heir Advance Company (HAC) has provided Inheritance Cash Advances, Probate Loans and Trust Fund Cash Advances to Heirs since 1993.  

Estate  Administrators and probate Attorneys have been referring   Inheritance Loan  and  Inheritance Cash Advance  clients for nearly 20 years.

Law firms refer clients to us who need Inheritance Loans  and  Inheritance Cash Advances — folks who want fast Inheritance Money —  not for a commission, as there is none for  lawyers.      

If you are an American or Canadian Heir expecting an Inheritance of at least $15,000 in Probate  or Trust you are a likely candidate for a Probate or Trust Inheritance Cash Advance, whether your Trust or  Probate   Loan, or Inheritance Cash Advance, is large or small. ANY HEIR IN THE USA OR CANADA with an  Inheritance over $15,000 in Probate or Trust can apply to Heir Advance  for a Probate Loan, Trust Fund Loan, Probate  Inheritance Cash Advance or Trust Fund Cash Advance. NO OBSTACLES OR DELAYS from sales people on the phone.

With Heir Advance cordial, professional customer service is a habit, not an advertising slogan.

Nearly all of the search engine listings you see when you search for Inheritance Loans or  Inheritance Cash Advances  — whether it  is a Trust Fund Loan, Probate Loan, or Probate Cash Advance — are what we call “brokers”, not inheritance  funding companies as Heir Advance is. Heir Advance Company has never changed their Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance pricing model in over 20 years.  Other lenders keep raising their rates but we do not. That’s why attorneys keep referring our Inheritance Cash Advances to clients.  

We keep our Probate Inheritance Loans, Probate Inheritance Cash Advances,  Trust Loans and Trust Cash Advances consistent and equitable.  We keep our Inheritance Loan and Inheritance Cash Advance  fees as low as possible for our clients, regardless of  how other firms are charging for  their financial services.  We don’t follow trends.

Why do we not raise our  Trust or Probate Loan fees,  or our  Trust and Probate Inheritance Cash Advances rates? Because our sales policy is not based on internal competition, sales quotas, or regional sales teams working with a higher or lower commission.

When you receive an Inheritance Loan, Probate Loan,  Trust Cash Advance or Probate  Inheritance Cash Advance assignment from us — we know you’ll come back if you need another Inheritance Loan or cash advance.  The price is right.

Fair pricing has it’s merits.  Probate Loans have been at the same rate at Heir Advance for the past 19 years! Our Inheritance Loans are not only affordable, we offer fast service  with numerous conveniences;  insuring that Heir Advance Company Inheritance Cash Advances and Probate or Trust Inheritance Loans are extra secure, and always confidential.

Whether it is a Probate Inheritance Cash Advance, or an Inheritance Loan on your Trust Fund, your privacy and security always comes first.  Visit our Privacy Policy page to see our policies in writing.  We take your security and privacy seriously.

You can either call Heir Advance at 1-800-775-8044 to directly speak to a professional Inheritance Loan Adviser to ask personal questions first-hand or feel free to continue reading this blog.

GETTING AN INHERITANCE CASH ADVANCE IS A “RECESSION BUSTER” Think about this for a minute….many heirs of Estates in America and Canada have come to realize that an Inheritance Loan to access liquid cash from their future Inheritance is a recession proof “Recession Buster”.

Initially, most were not aware that an Inheritance Advance, a Probate Loan, or a Trust Advance was even available from a mainstream financial services firm. Millions of dollars worth of Inheritance Cash Advances have been advanced to Heirs. No Inheritance Cash Advance is too large. All Inheritance Loans – Probate Cash Advances and Trust Fund Loans in America and Canada – are now available at lower rates than ever before.

Inheritance Advances provided as Inheritance Cash assignments never require a credit report or employment check. Inheritance Loans provided as interest based loans do require these items, which is why most Heirs request Inheritance Advance assignments.


A family is with the right firm when examining various Inheritance Loans, a secure Probate or Trust Fund based Inheritance Cash Advance — a 100%  secure Inheritance Advance — $5,000 to $1 Million +

Heir Advance is truly the first and final stop for an Inheritance Cash Advance. It is an Inheritance Loan credit line — available ONLY to Heirs of Probates and Beneficiaries of Trusts.  A line of credit that we call an Inheritance Cash Advance; based solely on your Inheritance & Estate.   Your job status is not relevant. No hidden fees. No long-winded financial forms or applications…

Any Heir in the USA or Canada with an Inheritance over $15,000 in Probate or Trust can apply for a Probate Advance or Trust Fund Loan. No obstacles or attitudes from sales people on the phone. With Heir Advance it’s smooth sailing all the way.

It’s all true… When Heirs ask their Probate attorney to refer an Inheritance Loan company, Heir Advance is who they recommend. You don’t have to be wealthy to get first class treatment as an Estate Cash Advance client at our firm. Everyone matters.

The point is — it isn’t just millionaires that rate fast cash these days — if you happen to be an Heir to an Estate in Probate or Trust expecting an  inheritance of $15,000 or $20,000 or $30,000 — you can still get a fast line of Probate Loan or Trust Loan Inheritance Funds. Like a brand new credit card when you simply need the cash now — Inheritance Cash that is, but it is right now when you need it — not 18 or 24 months from now — when maybe you don’t need it –

Fast Probate Cash to stop foreclosure on your home… or an Inheritance Loan to pay off your car or boat… Or a Probate Loan to get rid of medical bills that are strangling you… Or a simple Trust Fund Advance to get up the capital to invest in a new business opportunity… Whatever you want your Inheritance Cash for — that’s your business.  But remember Probate Cash  or Trust Fund assets are yours and yours alone  to borrow from.

You’re borrowing Inheritance Cash from yourself — for  yourself and your family.  It’s not charity… that Probate Cash is yours! Either now from Inheritance Now — or later on when Probate distributes.

A Probate Loan is your right as an Heir: Take Advantage of it.

If you’re an Heir of an Estate in Probate or Trust – you can have the same access to a first rate Probate Loan line of cash as the millionaires… It’s just that it’s Inheritance Cash that you’re “borrowing” from your future Inheritance — a Probate Inheritance Cash Advance; or perhaps a Trust Fund Loan — whatever, it may be from your future Inheritance Cash not your bank account but the result is the same…

If  millionaires can borrow a lot of cash whenever they want, then so can you.  You’re “borrowing” from your own legacy or Inheritance.  That is the only difference. When you get approved for a secure Inheritance Cash Advance or fast Inheritance Loan, it doesn’t matter to us whether it’s a ten million dollar Inheritance Cash Advance, a $15,000  Inheritance Loan, or a $5,000 Probate Loan.

Whether you drive a truck or are a CEO of a Fortune 100 company – you still get treated like a celebrity or a corporate executive at Heir Advance Company.

Look at our economy… the taxpayers’ wealth is being transferred to the wealthy, a very clever ruse, while the rest of us simply get by.  So when good fortune smiles on you and you become an Heir of an Estate in  Probate or Trust — and an Inheritance is left to you — you all of a sudden become one of  “the lucky few” — even though you may miss the person who left you an Inheritance.

A Probate Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance, or Trust Inheritance Loan, is a safe way to access liquid cash to get important things done you simple cannot do without extra funds. Simply  signing an application and providing a few documents is all that is required.

Could it get any easier?

Not only that, once your paperwork is in you get your Trust or Probate Cash in a few days.  Faster than getting a new credit card.  In fact it is kind of an Inheritance Cash Probate or Trust Fund Probate or Inheritance Loan.

Quotes from Inheritance Loan Clients

As some appreciative Inheritance Cash Advance and Trust Fund Inheritance Loan clients said recently:

Janet Ann S:  Probate Loan- East Hampton, LI

“It’s been awhile but I promised I’d send you this note!  THANK YOU for my Inheritance Loan!  You got it to me at the right time — this probate loan saved our bacon!”

Tim S: Probate Loan- Westbury, Conn.

“Not since I had a great corporate job until I was laid off along with the rest have I been treated so well! Heir Advance — thanks for making my inheritance cash advance experience feel good — a rare experience. And that $45,000 inheritance cash sure hit the spot… just in time to get away from the foreclosure monsters…”

Angela G: Probate Loan – Phoenix, AZ

“I had to write you this email to let you folks know how refreshing it was to be treated with respect, like a wealthy gal when I  got my $125,000 Probate Loan from your office in CA this winter.  The account manager treated me like a millionaire — like I deserved that Inheritance cash my bank  would never let me access in advance… only Heir Advance offered to help with a sizeable Probate loan.  Muchos Gracias Heir Advance!”

You can be the biggest big shot or the most regular guy or gal and still be approved for a Probate Loan or a Trust Fund Loan.

Do You Qualify for an Inheritance Advance Loan?

Who gets approved for an Inheritance Cash Advance? Heirs in the smallest little town in Alabama or upstate New York, in remote Florida all the way down to the no-man’s land in Alaska – anyone can now get a small Inheritance Cash Advance of $5,000; the way to a high roller Probate Loan or trust Fund Cash Advance or $1.2 million.

You don’t have to be a Park Avenue high roller to get a million dollar cash line of credit!  Now any American or Canadian can rate those kind of dollars.  No matter his or her standing at the local bank!  All you need to be is an Heir of an Inheritance – and apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance, a Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund Loan. Heirs looking for a Probate Cash Advance can just pick up the phone and dial 1 800 775 8044.  And have their Probate Cash Advance in their hand, or bank account, in days. Probate Cash Advances or Trust Fund Loans are strictly for Heirs in America or Canada — who have an Inheritance coming to them, in a Probate or Trust Estate. Nothing fancy or complex.  But the Inheritance Cash is real! Safe and Secure — and fast. With just one phone call — what most folks call the Inheritance Cash Advance Hotline… Or the Probate Cash Advance Emergency Line! Best of all — to get your Probate Cash Advance, you don’t even need an employment status report.  All Heir Advance cares about is your Estate, your Inheritance, your Inheritance Cash; and your Inheritance Loan… or Inheritance Cash Advance!  Whatever you call it isn’t important — the fact is you are an Heir of an Estate and you need Inheritance Cash now.  That’s all. And you get it now.  And that’s all there is to it.  Probate Cash Advance paperwork is a breeze; in fact the folks at Heir Advance help you with it — the rest is done for you; you sit back and in 3 or 4 days, before you know it, your Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund Loan is in your hand. Voila.  It couldn’t be easier.


Probate Loans more “Mainstream”…

PROBATE LOAN transactions are becoming more of a “mainstream” inheritance loan product: as reputable Probate Attorneys and Estate Administrators and other Probate Estate professionals continue to refer Heir Advance and Inheritance Now customized Inheritance Cash Advances for US and Canadian Heirs of  Probates and Trusts — are designed to provide all levels of Heirs with Probate Loan in advance of set distribution.

Responding to a request  for  Inheritance  Cash Advance quotes summarizing their experience with Heir Advance Co. — Probate Loan clients sent in their Probate Cash testimonials this month:

Probate Loan and Trust Fund Advance stories revolve around Inheritance Loans of all kinds:

  • credit  based inheritance asset  loans;
  • non traditional Inheritance Cash  Advance “assignments” structured with Estate and Probate assets;
  • trust fund inheritance loans consisting mainly of liquid assets as real estate assets have softened in today’s inheritance cash advance markets.
  • trust  fund cash advances based (a)  on the interest accrued by the trust fund principle or (b) on the principle
  • probate loan  assets consisting mainly of liquid  inheritance  funds;
  • partial inheritance advances, that is to say less than 60%  of an Heir’s total expected  inheritance.

More Quotes from Inheritance Advance Clients

Andy Mc. – Probate Loan client, Salt Lake City, UT:

“My wife and I are eternally grateful to you folks at Heir Advance for the  $75,000  inheritance loan you advanced us recently,  without which we would  have been, as they say – up a creek without a paddle.  We thank  you once again for the incredible speed with which you processed our trust fund paperwork and  probate loan assets!!  We could not have made it without this probate cash help… thank you!!!

Jerri V. – Probate Loan client, San Francisco, CA:

“Our probate loan could not have arrived at a better time.  At a more important time…. if you consider losing your house important!  We just thank our lucky stars we chose you Heir Advance to get our probate loan from… as they say — secure and fast.   We consider 4 days fast.  Much obliged for such fast service from your Probate Loan guys!”

James E. – Probate Loan client, Seattle, WA:

“Flying back from probate court, we realized we were not going to see our inheritance money anytime soon! That’s when we did our research, went to and figured out we were going to need a “probate loan” from Heir Advance Co.  We also had a trust fund which further complicated things but you guys knew exactly what to do for us.  Thank you for our probate loan — Heir Advance!!”

Sue E., Probate Loan client, Rochester, NY:

“God Bless, Heir Advance… Thanks  to your inheritance advance we have secured our business investment and are rolling along beautifully!  That $120,000 Probate loan was all we needed — along with some time.  Thank you for the  probate cash, gentlemen….”

Bev & Don W., Probate Loan clients – Detroit, MI:

“You guys know how rough it is here in Michigan, especially Detroit, we see blocks of office buildings empty! And miles of suburbs foreclosed… empty.  We are out of work now since GM and Ford laid off so many workers…   so our probate loan was and is critical.  We  never knew we could get inheritance cash like this.  And a 4 days bridge to get our probate loan was faster than we’d imagined!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!”

Angela B., Probate Loan client – Phoenix, AZ:

“Hi guys! Thank you so much for my $40,000 probate loan.  It was my get back on sure footing present — from my daddy but you guys got some of the inheritance cash to  us in a hurry. We would have had to wait a year or more for probate to close. So thank you!”

Maggie D., Probate Loan Trust client – Ardsley, NY

“Don’t know how to thank you for the probate loan – or trust fund loan – whichever you call it. Whatever it saved us for sure – we got up to date with the bank and saved our house from foreclosure… What could be more important than that!  Much obliged for the probate cash.”


Discover why HeirAdvance receives referrals of Heirs looking for an Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan

Heirs to an Inheritance are sometimes rejected for an Inheritance Loan

Probate Loans from Heir Advance Co., Inc.  – —  are simpler than ever, and easier than ever! Find out why most Heirs and Beneficiaries come to Heir Advance to get a Probate Cash Advance generally within 72 hours…

Why do Probate Attorneys refer Probate Loans from  $5,000 to $1,0000,000+  to Heirs [in need of cash] so frequently these days?   Because Banks and Credit Unions will not provide Probate Loans…

So why do Probate Attorneys and Estate Administrators   refer Heirs to or without delay or obstruction of any kind?

Because Probate Loans from Heir Advance Co.  are secure and fast — and estate professionals  know it!

Minimum Probate Loans are  $5,000; all the way up to a million dollar Probate Loan and more.  There are no maximum Probate Loan limitations.   But there is  unlimited  Trust  and Probate Loan security and credibility.   That we can guarantee.

Probate Loans from Heir Advance Co.  are 100% secure & always pleasant and fast — 3 to 5 days typically, from submission of paperwork to putting your Probate Loan into  your bank account. —  advancing Inheritance Loans to Heirs  since  1992.

Heir Advance Co. invented the Trust & Probate Cash Advance — and now they have improved on Inheritance Loans — Probate Cash Advances are now easier and faster; without any hidden fees or Probate Cash Advance marketing fluff… Just Inheritance Loans, period — as inexpensive and simple as possible.
Heir Advance has to make a living and keep the doors open — but they won’t play games or advertise items that are untrue. Old school Probate Cash Advance culture from the early 90’s when they went online and became the premier #1 Probate Cash Advance firm in America and Canada — the most successful Probate Cash provider in North America.

Heir Advance Co. invented the Trust & Probate Cash Advance — and now they have improved on Inheritance Loans — Probate Loans are now easier and faster; without any hidden fees or Probate Loan marketing fluff… Just Inheritance Loans, period — as inexpensive and simple as possible. Heir Advance has to make a living and keep the doors open — but they won’t play games or advertise items that are untrue. Old school Probate Cash Advance culture from the early 90’s when they went online and became the premier #1 Probate Loan firm in America and Canada — the most successful Probate Cash provider in North America. Probate Cash from Heir Advance Co. is there when Heirs really need it.   When Banks and Credit Unions say “No.” — Heir Advance says “Yes!”  (As long as you qualify for a simple  Probate Loan.)

When it comes to getting secure Probate Cash — seasoned Probate  attorneys  advise Probate Loan or  Trust Fund Loans  to their clients  who are Heirs,  more often than not these days — to liquefy assets or simply to have more cash on  hand, while waiting for final distribution.

Small Probate Loan Loans  from $5,000 up to large $1 Million Inheritance Loans or up, are a product of surprise timing…  whether it be a small $5,000 Probate Loan or a million dollar Trust Fund Inheritance Loan.  No one can predict that!

No one can predict when they may become an Heir to an Inheritance or an Estate — an Heir to a small Inheritance or to a large fortune… who can predict something like that!

They say everything is “timing” in this  life… Well, if you are an Heir to an Estate in Probate or Trust — the right Probate Loan at the right time could certainly help you and your family out of a dangerous financial problem.


An Inheritance Loan in the USA or Canada couldn’t be easier:

When you apply for an Inheritance Loan, a Probate Loan or Trust Advance, Heir Advance does not check your employment status or work history. Only requirement to apply for an Inheritance Loan is that you are a legal heir of a current Estate in Probate or Trust.You must have access to your estate paperwork; and an Inheritance of at least $15,000 or more coming to you. We take care of everything else until your Inheritance Loan arrives – generally within three to four days after we receive all of your paperwork.We assist you with your Inheritance Loan Application and Inheritance Loan paperwork.

- No employment history is ever required when you apply for an Inheritance Loan from Heir Advance Company, Inc.

- Simply provide your phone number, and an Inheritance Loan Specialist will contact you in a timely fashion.

- Our Probate Loan and Trust Fund Advance Specialists are cordial and responsive, and will help get you on your path to a secure, timely and personalized  Inheritance Loan.


Inheritance Loan  process does not have to be a complicated experience

Inheritance Loans can be delivered as Probate Loan Assignments, or as credit based Trust Fund Loans.   Either way, you and your family can bank on credibility and professionalism from Heir Advance Co.

Inheritance Loans — Secure & Fast — Inheritance Loans for Heirs in all States & Regions in America and Canada.   Secure Probate Cash, or Estate Loans, for Trust Fund Beneficiaries:  from $5,000 to $1,000,000+ in Inheritance Loans — for Heirs in Canada who need Immediate Inheritance Loan funding & American Heirs who also want  to access rapid liquidity through Inheritance Loan funding — in any State or Region, in Canada or the USA.

Immediate Probate Loans or Trust Fund Loans can provide liquidity with or without credit checks.

A Probate Loan furnished as a Probate Advance  Assignment is just as secure and viable as an Inheritance Loan structured through a mortgage with a credit check or credit score involved.

Secure Inheritance Loans (consisting of Probate Loans & Trust Fund Advances)  are now the average Heirs’ recession-buster Inheritance Funding Loan Solution!

Heir Advance provides the  fastest Probate Loan in American and Canada – in fact Heir Advance is one of the few Probate Loans an Heir can actually get from a genuine, legitimate funding source — since  98% of the Internet ads on Google and Yahoo reflect “Brokers” not actual companies who are self funded — they mark up the price on your Inheritance Loan, either Probate Loan or Trust Fund Advance, for their commission, hence your rates go up.

Inheritance Trust and Probate Loans of all kinds are to be found at Heir Advance Company — For Heirs of all types — in America and Canada — Secure, Fast Inheritance Loans are routinely identified, discussed, approved,  processed and issued .

Probate Loans for Heirs of Estates in Probate, Inheritance Loans for Beneficiaries of Trust Funds  — commonly recommended by Estate Attorneys and Probate Administrators — are frequently creating a Secure Shortcut to Fast Personal Funds or Investment Capital (for American & Canadian Heirs / Estates in Probate or Trust) via Trust & Probate Loans.

  1. The Probate Loan / Inheritance Loan Concept is becoming better known to many Heirs and Beneficiaries in Canada and America.
  2. The Probate Cash Advance and Trust Fund Loan has become routine to Probate Attorneys throughout the United States.
  3. The Probate Cash Advance has become a standard instrument to Probate Estate Administrators both in Canada & the USA: using & as consistent, reliable  Probate Cash Advance and  Trust Fund Cash Advance  providers.
  • Provided (A) as a Traditional Probate Cash Advance(Probate Loan or Trust Fund Loan) with Credit Checks and  Employment Status Required –
  • Probate Cash Advance Assignment (Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund  Assignments)

Bearing in Mind that there are Inheritance Funding Advantages with Trust Fund or Probate Advance Assignments as well as benefits with the more Standard Probate Loan or Trust Fund  Loan instrument.

Both Inheritance Loan  or Probate Cash Advance tools get the job done supplying Liquid Inheritance money to Heirs in advance of distribution — via full service Inheritance Loans, Estate Loans, Probate Advance Cash and Trust Fund Loans — Exclusively for Heirs of Estates in Probate or Trust in  most regions throughout the United States and Canada.


Many Probate Attorney’s Now Advise Heirs toward Probate Loans

Probate is Probate, although some of the legal details may change — advance Inheritance principles remain the same in both countries…

  • 5 Out of 10 Probate Attorneys Now Advise Heirs to Take Inheritance Cash in Advance as Probate Loans
  • or Trust Fund Loans -
  • and not wait for Probate to Distribute.

Probate Loans can aid Heirs from Surprise Creditors and Estate Inheritance Debts – They Warn Heirs to Watch out for Hidden Debts or Liens Left Over by the Descendant!

Using Future Inheritance Cash to Get an Immediate  Inheritance Cash Advance or Loan: Probate Loans & Trust Fund Loans Prove to be Secure, Fast and Without Risk.  Many Heirs return to take out Probate Cash Advance After Probate Cash Advance to Gain Access to as Much of Their Inheritance Money as Possible

The operative words — secure… fast and without risk, which is exactly what an Inheritance Cash Advance provides, whether it be a Probate Cash Advance, or a Trust Fund Loan based on an Estatesin Probate and Trust, in Canada and the United States.   Provided as an Inheritance Cash Advance, either a Trust or Probate Cash Advance assignment, or a more traditional personal advance Inheritance Loan.

Heirs now have an option, as a result of expecting an Inheritance.  Probate, once a timeline problem, is now a timeframe blessing in disguise.  What was previously a 10 or 12 or 15 month delay in accessing one’s Inheritance funds, is now a ticket for a 3 or 4 or 5 day Probate Cash Advance, or Trust Fund Loan…  What was once an Inheritance delay – is now a direct ticket for an Inheritance Cash Advance or Probate Cash Advance.

A handful of financial services professionals  make a living in the Probate and Inheritance business.  The ones who know how to deliver these services quickly and without any risk to the consumer or themselves, are the ones who last.  Over the years I’ve known many Heirs and Beneficiaries who’ve had their estate drag on in Probate for one reason or another — waiting for a million dollar inheritance, a 15 million dollar inheritance, or a $10,000 inheritance.

The same old elements apply — a valid Estate, a normal Probate moving slowly through the usual steps unless used as the foundation for a much faster Probate Cash Advance or Probate Loan; or a Trust Fund functioning as the basis for an advance Trust Loan or Trust Fund Cash Advance furnishing the Heir with instant liquidity versus a long wait in order to obtain Inheritance funds the traditional way, without quickening the standard distribution schedule, whatever it may be.

A fast, secure way to get a portion of their Inheritance in hand right away– with zero up-front costs — is usually foremost in the mind of the Heir or Beneficiary who is coming into a great deal of money, perhaps for the very first time ever — especially when one has financial problems as, sadly, practically everyone does these days.

A limited number of firms in the financial services industry provide numerous “cash flow products” (loan products and assignments that advance money to folks with  a certain amount of income locked into future returns or payment schedules).  They are finding more of a need for, and interest from consumers in, Inheritance services — lately for an increased number of people in the upper-middle and upper (top 5%) income brackets…  specifically for Probate Loans and Trust Fund Advances.

Advance Loans for Inheritances belonging to current Estates in Probate or Trust, are growing at a faster than normal rate lately — as consumers in America slowly begin the difficult and painful climb out of the psychological paralysis they have been in since the financial crash and suspicious Billion Dollar “Bailout” of the Wall Street bankers that apparently created the mess we find ourselves in.  Consumers everywwhere seem to scared to make even an exploratory move in one direction or the other.

So safety is key to most consumers — credibility and trust-worthiness of financial services firms (lenders and investment fims) is critical.  Scams are on the rise everywhere, especially on the Internet — so learning how to spot and avoid con artists is absolutely essential,  such as the “you just inherited $30 Million — send us $3,500 and you can claim your Inheritance!” scam:

These tricksters go right to your “delete” file thank you very much!

We have warned hundreds of wanna-be Heirs of this chicanery, as they have approached us for Inheritance Loans, thinking Lady Luck has come their way… only to be severely disappointed as the con game is explained to them.

Our focus, however, is on the legitimate Inheritances and Probates:

Some Heirs, or Beneficiaries, are lucky and have their Inheritance cash left to them in a Trust Fund.  This has various advantages,  and often helps avoid delays getting your inheritance money, or inheritance real estate — and avoids causing all-to-frequent friction between heirs.

On the other hand, many Trusts keep you from your Inheritance until you turn a certain age.  Or may distribute your inheritances over a long drawn-out period of time, in separate lump sums.

But if your Inheritance cash is not in Trust, standard Probate steps can’t be avoided once the Probate process begins — if it is necessary in the first place to go through Probate.  If you have no Inheritance property, and your Inheritance cash or assets are below a certain number, as dictated in your state, you may be able to side-step Probate altogether.

But if you do have to go through Probate, you can bug your Probate Attorney all day long, but it will not move the needle on the dial.  Many heirs and beneficiaries all across America, and in Canada, who are stuck, so to speak, waiting for Probate to close, are forced by economic conditions to forge ahead and apply for a Probate Cash Advance, or a Trust Fund Advance.  Especially now, as the general economy continues to weaken, in recession — more and more jobs are cut, as lay-offs are used by corporations to reflect a larger profit margin to shareholders.

Heirs who are waiting for an inheritance in Probate or Trust have a unique financial tool at their disposal to help stave off the current recession — they can protect themselves in the present by getting an Inheritance Loan in advance, or a Trust Fund Loan, as long as there is no “Spendthrift Provision” written into the Trust document; which would bar the Beneficiary from obtaining an Inheritance Cash Advance or Trust Advance of any kind.

Inheritance Loan Client Experience

The Inheritance Cash Advance process is explained very nicely by this client:

Many Heirs prefer an Inheritance Loan as a quick solution to avoiding a very long probate process

Whether your inheritance is $5000 or a million dollars, everyone is subject to the same Probate or Estate time-frames.  All Heirs expecting an Inheritance are affected by the same waiting game…   and here is a list of the most common reasons why:

  1. Taxable estates. Estates that owe federal estate tax are usually, but not always, more complicated to administer than non-taxable estates.  No one going through Probate wishes to pay inheritance tax, though often one has no choice,
  2. Estates with unusual assets. Estates that own difficult to value property, such as rare collectibles, race horses, oil or mineral rights, or patents, usually take longer to probate due to the unique nature of these types of assets.  Ones’ inheritance is not always cash in hand, although many heirs prefer it to be so.  Hence, the reason many heirs ask for an Inheritance Loan early in the probate process. A loan lessens the discomfort of waiting for probate to distribute.
  3. Interrelated estates. When multiple family members die within a few months or years of each other, things get complicated.
  4. Estates with beneficiaries who can’t get along. Nothing can drag out the probate process like family members who hate each other to the point of distraction… which is why the ability to get an Inheritance Loan, a Probate Loan or Trust Fund Advance — to get some of your inheritance cash and get out of Dodge — is so important.  Many leap ahead of the probate process, to get an Inheritance Cash Advance to work with, which can make some of life’s problems easier to deal with.  Probate may drag on, but with an Inheritance Loan in hand there is no reason you have to.

Unfortunately, not much can be done to speed up the probate process for these types of Estates. However, an Estate Loan may really be the answer, if cash is tight  and Probate looks to be a very long wait.  It may help to see exactly where you are in the Probate process, to see how long it may be until you can actually bank your Inheritance Cash or Probate real estate profit:

Client Quotes from HeirAdvance – Probate loan

Maybe not much can be done to speed up Probate, but there are some alternative ways to get some of those Inheritance funds into the bank. As some clients of ours emailed recently (Probate & Trust Inheritance Feedback):

Carol S. – Fridley, MN Probate Loan: “When I first spoke to our probate lawyer about how long it would take to get our inheritance, me and my brother, and then I took a good long look at Heir Advance’s “Probate Timeline”, and realized it was going to be many, many months before our inheritance cash would be real, cash in the bank… it was then I decided I had to get an Inheritance Loan, in this case a Probate Loan, as fast as possible… to fight off the financial damage brought about by this Recession out here, that just keeps getting tougher by the month…”

Helen B. – Las Vegas, NV Trust Fund Loan: “Once I had the Inheritance Loan in my bank account, the 10, 12 months I’d have to wait didn’t seem so awfully long anymore. Probate could take 15 months as far as I could see; and my step-sister, who didn’t was threatening to contest the Trust, or Will, or whatever all the fuss was about… which would have been dreadful. But once I had my Trust Fund advance loan in hand none of these problems seemed so looming any longer. It really was a blessing to be able to get a large, super fast Inheritance Loan from Heir Advance Company, and with no struggling or trouble, which makes a major difference to a Trust beneficiary like me. I have had enough trouble as it is from the trustee controlling my Trust inheritance!”

Jose Santa Dosse – Los Angeles, CA Trust Fund Loan: “I have a Trust Fund, and collect on the interest once a year… But Heir Advance made it much easier for me to expand my business when they gave me several Trust Loans, much larger Trust Fund amounts than I had been collecting on my own. I sent a colleague to them also, for a Probate Loan, and this worked out very well for them, for an investment with a deadline. They got their Probate Loan in a few days and are in great shape now. As am I with more capital to work with. In fact, I am now on my 3rd Trust Fund Loan with Heir Advance Co. My bank would not even consider a Trust Fund Loan Advance… and so this has been a life saver for me.”

Mathew B. – Seattle, WA Probate Loan: “… When probate started really dragging, and I mean 15 months later and no inheritance — I started looking around for options. I’d been laid off for 6 months and counting with no job in sight, trying to get investment capital to start my business up… Thankfully my wife was working but we really needed money, at half of our former combined income – getting 2 months or more behind on mortgage and basic bills. Plus some outrageous medical bills. Searching online for Probate Loan I and also … Skipped right past all the usual bank formalities and got right to the Inheritance Cash Advance, Inheritance Advance or whatever you want to call it. That probate cash in advance of probate distribution saved us. Who knew that my inheritance cash would bankroll my business and put us back on our feet way before we actually came into the inheritance. It was like magic.”

Paula G. – San Francisco, CA Probate Loan: “When I came to this county I did not realize how challenging it was going to be to just stay alive here – to simply keep your job, avoiding the lay-off frenzy. Cost of everything keeps going up. Many items seem to have doubled over the past 8 or 9 years. My American uncle passed away when I was finishing up grad-school, and left me a sizeable inheritance, which came as a big surprise. I found out that Probate Court, like everything else here, was going to take a long time to get the inheritance money, the funds & estate assets in probate, to me, to all of us heirs in the estate. We did a little research in the Internet and found this Heir Advance Company – looking highly professional, and like they know the Probate and Inheritance areas well indeed. We called and set my Probate Loan in motion – in 4 days I had the inheritance cash in my account, cleared! Let me tell you without a nice nest egg in America you are just worried all the time. So now with my inheritance loan there to help me with a nice new car, new clothes, school bills and a credit card my wife cant stop shopping with – we both feel a lot better. Let’s hope everyone gets to be so lucky in this life!”

Sarah L. – Detroit, MI Probate Loan: “If you know anything about Detroit, you know our city is a poster-chid for Recession job collapse — an economic “Katrina”. Every 5th house is an empty lot, a foreclosured property. It’s bad. So when I became an heir, when my grandma died and left us some property and a lot of cash, I found out about inheritance loans, researched and applied for a probate loan – ASAP! I’ve been unemployed since last December, with Unemployment check drying up… so I couldn’t wait around for a year for probate to end, to distribute my inheritance to yours truly here. It was obvious this Inheritance financial firm knew what they were doing when it came to inheritance loans, and large probate advances in a real hurry, in particular. There was no Will, but it wasn’t a problem for them. We got our paperwork in, that took 3 days; 4 days later we had our $25,000 probate loan wired to my account. 1, 2, 3 – done. I would have never guessed that a probate inheritance loan would save my neck… but it did.”

George H. – Vancouver, Canada Probate Loan: “When my father passed away, and I came into a rather large inheritance, my wife and I searched on the Internet for a faster way to get some of our inheritance cash before probate was done, but we figured this probate loan service was only for Americans, only in the US. Happily – we were mis-informed. We rushed our Canada probate estate paperwork and Heir Advance company application in to be processed for a large probate loan. They said it could take 3 or 4 days, maybe 72 hrs. and indeed we got our $55,000 probate loan by Overnight mail on the 4th day! Hoorah for Heir Advance! A firm that actually did what they said they would do, not just talk!”

Paul Tainer – Toronto, Canada Probate Loan: “I guess we are feeling the recession here too, not just in America. I lost my job in August. My husband was still working, but we were used to a different life-style; it’s hard to adjust, having less money every month. When my grandma died, and the estate went into probate we decided we had to sell her house and property. We would be needing the money from my inheritance property. According to our probate attorney, my $380,000 inheritance cash would be stuck in probate for at least 10 months. My inheritance turned out to be in probate for over 14 months. We didn’t know Heir Advance offered Inheritance Loans to Canadians. Well I can tell you the $100,000 Inheritance Loan we got hekped us get out opf debt completely. We will forever be grateful to Heir Advance for saving our home, and saving our peace of mind!!!”

G. Samoa – Kohala Coast, Hawaii Probate Loan: “When my husband and I, who are retired and no longer young, relocated out here, our investments and Mutual funds were yielding substantial numbers every year. Since the Depression hit us like everyone else, our Stocks & portfolio are worth 50% less than 3-4 years ago… so we had a lot less to live on. My mom passed away last March, and her estate went through probate. My stock broker, who now sells “cash flow products”, told us about InheritanceNow in California, and the rest is history. With dizzying speed, our application for a probate loan was processed, we received our inheritance advance cash in 3 days, sold our high-end property, reinvested with sensible advice, and we are now once again solvent. Getting by, not living in luxury any more, but relatively secure. Timing is everything. Were it not for our inheritance loan just when we needed it, who knows!” Savvy clients. Smart clients. Beating back the recession with alternative financial instruments, using a Probate Loan or a Trust Fund Advance to get where they need to go financially, without getting tied into high-interest bank loans or venture capital that takes half of one’s business in exchange for investment funds to work with. This way, with an Inheritance in Probate or Trust to work with, these Heirs and Beneficiaries are merely borrowing from their own Probate, funding themselves out of their own Inheritance. When they pay back their Probate Loan or Trust Fund Advance, it’s never ‘out of pocket’, just out of the estate when it distributes. So they barely feel the pinch at all. Smart alternative way to get capitalized, using an Inheritance or Probate, wouldn’t you agree?

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