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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from HeirAdvance Our experienced staff has been providing heirs and beneficiaries with Inheritance Cash Advances since 1993
Inheritance Cash Advance usually available in 3-4 days from Heir Advance
Getting an Inheritance Cash Advance is easy!

Advance on Inheritance

As you already know, Heirs of Estates in Probate and Beneficiaries of Trusts can access a portion of their Inheritance in advance through Heir Advance Company, Inc., who has been assisting Heirs and Beneficiaries with an Advance on their Inheritance since 1992.

Heir Advance Co.'s Inheritance Advances are assignments not loans, so Heirs never need be bothered with credit reports, credit scores, interest rates and penalties, monthly payments or employment history.

Obviously, your job and income status, as well as credit history, would be essential information if your Advance Inheritance was furnished as a loan.

The rest of the story is very simple. Heir Advance Co. is paid the assignment amount from your Inheritance by the Estate, once Probate closes. You have no other financial obligations.

Heir Advance makes the process so easy, all you have to do is fax or mail in your documents, sit back and wait for the few days it takes for your Advance Inheritance to arrive!